Chalk It Up for the Class of 2020

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for the graduating class of 2020.


The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new. — Socrates

—Aaron Brinkman, 1998 graduate

Congrats Alex Gresham, you are one step closer to your mother living in your basement.

Ace Sims

Carry with you the words left to us by Roman philosopher Seneca: There is no easy way from the earth to the stars.

But with the hard work that you completed the same work that we are celebrating today you’ve already made a great deal of progress.

Congratulations, class of 2020.

—Adam Gowen, 2018 graduate

While I know this is not the way any of you graduates wanted to go out, all roads lead to your future. We want to wish you all health, happiness and to future endeavors.

—Adam Grove, 1986 graduate

Cynthia Lewis quote

Congrats graduate! You should be proud of what you have accomplished during your time at KU and know that the best is yet to come! You have undoubtedly had many transformational moments during school, and I encourage you to be on the lookout for more transformational opportunities in the future. College has helped train you on how to approach problems and come up with creative solutions, which is a skill you can apply to matter where you end up after graduation. And I bet you have made some pretty great friends at KU too. Your life may take you in different directions, but I'm confident that if you make an effort and reach out, your friendships will stay as strong as ever. Good luck for the future, and as always, Rock Chalk!

—Adam Hupp, 2019 graduate

Congratulations to Emily Butler and the rest of the 2020 graduating class!

—Adam and Jennifer Butler

Dear future KU Alumni:

Never give up. You have accomplished so much already in your lives and have so much further to go.

I know school and work can be stressful at times, and it can even be overbearing. I assure you as someone who almost completely gave up on graduating that it is well worth seeing to the end.

Reach out to faculty, other students and guidance counselors if you get stuck. They can definitely put you on a good path. Never give up on yourselves. God put you here for a reason, and you are not alone in your struggles and obstacles you will overcome.

—Adam Lignell, 2019 graduate

Spring 2020 will go down in history as one of the most disruptive times in all of our lives. All graduating seniors should be proud of yourselves for graduating and moving on to the next phase of life. Keep your head up and your work ethics strong ... good things will come.

—Adam Ware, 2018 graduat

Dear graduating students of class of 2020,
In these difficult and exceptional circumstances, there is still hope for a new future in each of us.  We are exceptional graduates and therefore we must be distinguished in all that we offer, and that our aspirations and giving be unique. Be always optimistic.

—Ahmed Muyidi, 2020 graduate

Congratulations Hannah R.!! So proud of you!! Get out there and take life by the horns!!

—Alan Rust

To the Department of Geography and Atmospheric Sciences,

I am not too far removed from you, but I understand how hard and diligent you all have studied. There was always something that was more intricate than we imagined it would be. I definitely believe it is a sharp department.

Congratulations graduates who have persevered to get here. Good fortune in your future endeavors; may the wind always blow in your favor.

Stay connected with one another. Your diverging career paths will appear like three separate storms on your radar. How will each one evolve?

Best of luck.

—Alden German, 2018 graduate

Class of 2020,
Walking through the campanile and down the hill is a rite of passage for every graduating KU Student. My heart breaks that this situation ripped that experience from you. Just remember that becoming a KU graduate was because of all of the hard work you've been in, the traditions you've learned and the memories you've made, and NOTHING can take THAT away from you! Rock Chalk Forever!

—Alison Dover, 2017 graduate

Students graduating in 2020, congratulations! You’ve made through the added stressors of CoVID-19, and still graduated. Your focus on the task at time, and resilience will provide you with a foundation to going forward with your lives. Whatever you choose to do, wherever you go, good luck and success in your future endeavors.

—Allison Godchaux

Graduates, you have persevered through a challenging semester to reach this moment. It is probably not how you thought you would be celebrating on May 17th, but nonetheless, your achievement is to be celebrated! I encourage you to walk through the campanile this spring or summer, take your photos, ZOOM celebrate with family and friends, and capture the unique memories of this accomplishment. And of course, Once a Jayhawk, Always a Jayhawk! Rock Chalk!

—Allison Long, 1985 graduate

Class of 2020, rock chalk! You made it! You’ve come so far, and the best is still in store. So, raise a toast with those you love most, and remember your support network is wider than you can imagine. Go Jayhawks!

—Allyson Cox, 2017 graduate

You are graduating in unprecedented times. You have prevailed the last four years and you will continue to grow stronger for what you have gone through. Embrace life with gusto and make the most of it. Rock Chalk!

Alyson Farris, 1982

To the Graduating Class of 2020, Congratulations! You should all be very proud of yourself. Just remember, that walking through the Campanile doesn't define your success. It's about all the memories, friendships, experiences, achievements, and hard work you put in along the way to get here. #RockChalk

And a special shout out to my old Residents from Oliver Hall, you know who you are! I'm one proud retired RA!

—Alyssa Honermann, 2017 graduate

Fly high from the nest Jayhawk and always look for your fellow Hawks. They will turn up in the most unexpected places. Congratulations and fly high! RCJK4Life

—Amy George, 1997 graduate

Congratulations Class of 2020! The world awaits your enthusiasm, your drive, your solutions!

—Amy Heithoff, 2020 graduate

You got this Graduates! Rock Chalk!

—Amy Needle, 1989 graduate

Patience and perseverance have a magical effect before which difficulties disappear and obstacles vanish. - John Quincy Adams

Happy Graduation Class of 2020. A year we will never forget!

—Amy Sullivan, 1988 graduate

To the Graduating Class of 2020,
Congratulations on the completion of your undergraduate degree! This was no easy feat, especially when you add a Pandemic into it!
May all of your dreams come true!
Stay safe and healthy!

Andrea Kivo

Dear Frank,

Although graduation is not happening as planned, we still want to thank you for the amazing job you did during your 4 years at KU. We are very proud of you, and thrilled to have been part of the KU community.

By sharing in many of your experiences with you at KU we completely understand why there was only one choice for where you would be attending college.

We look forward to graduation and all the rest of our visits to KU with you as an alumni and proud parents of an alumni.

Rock Chalk,

Love, Mom, Dad and Adrianna

—Andrea Lombardo

Congratulations Alexander Gresham, we are so proud of you. You have put in a lot of hard work and now it has paid off!!!! We wish you the best of luck in all that you do. Love

Your second Mom- Andrea

Andrea Macdonald

Congratulations on this momentous accomplishment. Though are wading through challenging times, the future remains bright!

—Andrew Pirotte, MD, 2006 graduate


May these difficult times alert you to the greater challenges we face as a global society and the need for compassion, tolerance, empathy and humility as you move on.

—Andy Chapman, 1970 graduate

Congratulations on your well-earned success!  It's time to celebrate you and all the hard work you put in to get to this point in your life. Graduation represents both a successful ending and an exciting beginning. Know that you are ready to take that next step because KU has prepared you well for the next adventure in your life. Never forget, if you can dream it and you truly believe, you will do great things! By the way, the world is counting on you to do just that. You're going to be a star, so let your light shine!  From my heart to yours, best wishes for a bright future.

—Angela Chammas, 1979 graduate

Congratulations! You will do great things!

—Ann Smith, 1992 graduate

You are strong! You can celebrate. We are proud of you. Go out and show the world what it means to be a Jayhawk! Special congratulations to my nephew, Cole Cummins, who is receiving his JD from KU Law. We love you!

—Anne Woods, 1987 graduate

Dear Alexander Gresham,
Congratulations on reaching your educational goals! I am so happy for you. I have always been impressed by your sharp mind and quick wit! Keep using those beautiful assets as you move on to your next life goals! I know you will find your best successes are ahead of you! Best hopes and dreams for you!

Love, Aunt Annette

Annette Lahowetz-Giboo

You have had a senior year like no other. When I walked down the hill two years ago with my Master's degree, I couldn't imagine that a class two years later wouldn't have that same opportunity. But you've made it! You've joined a distinguished group of proud Jayhawk alumni and we are thrilled to welcome you. Though you may not walk down the hill on the date you planned, that day will come soon. I can't wait to be there watching and cheering you on. Congratulations, Class of 2020!

—Autumn Bishop, 2018 graduate

WE CAN GET THIS DONE!!!!!!! I know if you’re like me you’re running out of steam for this semester but keep pushing on. ROCK CHALK JAYHAWK GO KU!!!

—Bailey Ham

Keep on pushing forward the best is yet to come.

—Barbara Nicco, 1990 graduate

Continue to fight through all of the struggles, you have already overcome many obstacles this is just another obstacle in the way that you are able to overcome. Keep pushing and eventually life will become easier and back to what is was. Congratulations class of 2020!!!

—Becky Wong


Beth Isern

Congratulations on your graduation! Today is a day of celebration. Be proud of this moment, you have worked hard to achieve your goals. Wishing you the very best and good luck for a successful future.

—Betty Hannon

Rock Chalk Jayhawk! Wishing you all the best.

—Bob Fee, 1987

You are an amazing group of students facing unknown challenges as you graduate during this time of worldwide pandemonium.  You will be stronger for this and will go on to do amazing things! 

—Bobbi and Craig Lamp

Congratulations, Class of 2020! Once again, Jayhawks are proving to be a resilient and innovative community. I'm so proud of your accomplishments and look forward to all that you'll do! Together, we'll get through these unusual times. Ad astra per aspera.

—Brandon Woodard, 2013 graduate

Congratulations Class of 2020. The time to shine is during times of adversity.  May this moment in history fuel your journey with determination and inspiration as well as creativity. Congratulations especially to our daughter, Paige S. on her Master's degree in Higher Education Administration. We are so proud of you. 

—Brenda Stockman Selman, 1983 graduate

Congratulations Class of 2020! I hope you find a way to celebrate your great accomplishments and hard work. When the time is right the Hill will be there waiting for you and your walk down will be all the sweeter. Rock Chalk!

—Brent Blazek, 2010 graduate

There's no such thing as 'The Real World' if you love your work. May you all find your passion in your work.

—Brian Gordon, 1990 graduate

Know that you are prepared for this crazy world of ours.... your grace, your knowledge, your persistence and your courage have shown us all how to push through hard times. My deepest congratulations to all of you and the hard work you've completed, the lifelong friendships you've forged and for continuing the legacy of solid individuals coming out of KU and doing great things in life. If you have 2020 graduate on your resume - you will forever be known as simply a notch above the rest!

—Carolyn Zucker

When Adam walked on KU's campus four years ago, he instantly knew that's where he wanted to go. KU has not disappointed. Adam has had the time of his life and developed friendships for life!

Caryn and Luke Brassel

Congratulations! The resilience you have all shown will serve you well looking forward. One word that is a hallmark of this time is unprecedented. Let that be your guide as you make your way. Fly high, Jayhawks! A special congrats to our favorite 2020 graduate, Cinthia T.! Rock Chalk Jayhawk!

—Cathy Eaton, 2001 graduate

Congratulations Class of 2020. May this be just the beginning of many accomplishments in your lifetime. A special congratulations to my son Adam L., I am so very proud of you! Rock Chalk!

—Cathy Rezai, 1988 graduate

Don't let the public get you down. Secum Artem.
—Cesar Godinez, 1966 graduate

Dear Jayhawks of 2020 - You are unique. You will be unique for as long as there are intelligent beings to record and remember history. I wish you well. A fellow Jayhawk

—Charlie Masner, 1967-1974 BA/BSE

Don't let the world scare you..... You are ready for what lies ahead! You've earned your degree and Jayhawk Nation couldn't be more proud. You can always come home to walk the Hill, but in this moment.... go change the world! Congrats, Class of 2020! Well done and Rock Chalk!

—Chelsea Cullen, 2016 graduate

As you embark on the next chapter in your life, always remember the valuable education, support and friendships at KU that helped guide you during these past four years. Believe in yourself and your career path and keep reaching for those goals. Dream big and strive to achieve each new goal on your journey through hard work and determination. Congrats to our 2020 grad Brooke Dubin. Love, mom Cheryl J. Kagan, your dear family and friends.

—Cheryl Kagan

Madison M.-

We are so proud of your accomplishments at KU, both on the soccer field and in the classroom. Congrats and good luck!!

Mom, Dad, Kenzie & Morgan

—Cheryl Meador

Congratulations Alex G. from Chris, Ann, Michael & Rachel.

—Chris & Ann Lahowetz

Congratulations Class of 2020. Rock Chalk!

—Christina Churu, 2017

You got this! You have proven yourselves adaptable and resilient, and you will enter the next phase of your life better prepared than you even know. Rock Chalk!

—Christine Wilson, 1985 graduate

As a KU graduate living in Colorado and the mother of a KU sophomore, I know the impact KU traditions. Walking the hill at graduation is a site to see. I am heartbroken that your student will miss out. Just know that your KU grad, no matter how close or how far from home, they will have the special bond of the KU community forever. I’ve travelled the world and have seen Jayhawks everywhere. Whether on a busy street in NYC, on the Great Wall of China or on a safari in Kenya, there will be Jayhawks! A simple Rock Chalk will be the universal greeting for your graduate. We are all here for them. Congratulations to the next generation of Jayhawks!!! Rock Chalk!

—Christy Miller, 1992

What an amazing accomplishment to graduate from KU. Your hard work and dedication to your education benefits the world. Be a proud Jayhawk and join the many graduates who are making so many significant contributions. Congratulations on your Graduation and Rock Chalk for life!​

—Cindy Al-Atabi, 1993 graduate

Congrats on this momentous occasion! You should be so proud of this accomplishment.  2020 did not go like you thought or hoped. But there is no other class like you and your class is now unique in our world’s history. You can shape your future with compassion, innovation and strength of character. Go forth and be the change we need now and in the future! ROCK CHALK!

Cindy McAlister, 1986

We all know missing out on many events from your last semester of college is unfair, but now it’s about how you will deal with that fact and grow stronger from it. Real adult life starts now, and let’s be real, it’s unfair. KU has prepared you though, and you can take life by storm with the Jayhawk community behind, in front, and all around you. Don’t let the state of the world take away this amazing feat. You are incredible. Congratulations, and good luck.

—Clare Frantz, 2017 graduate

Jackson Dalton is the MAN! Going to be the BEST TEACHER IN THE WORLD! Rock out with your chalk out, Class of 2020!

—Cole Hogan, 2017 graduate

Best of luck everyone and keep your head's high. It will all be ok and down the road and if you can graduate through this you can achieve anything!

—Cole Lewis, 2019 graduate

Your class will always be distinguished by its unique pandemic experience, just as other graduating classes have when departing KU during global events. You are survivors and will change the world for the better.

—Colette Kocour, 1973 graduate

Class of 2020

You will be forever remembered as a class that persevered during unprecedented challenges. This resilience will serve you greatly throughout your lives. Rock Chalk!

—Conor Taft

Duane Kreuger quote

From the excitement of what you would learn when you started kindergarten, to the pride and excitement of your high school graduation, the learning, understanding, planning & achieving of your goals has never stopped. Whether it was an easy goal or a seemingly impossible goal, you accomplished all of them! And guess what? The learning will never stop! You have learned far more in the past 4 years than you realized you would. Not just in what your class assignments taught you, but in your growth as an important & contributing member of the world! Congratulations on your well-earned & well deserved PharmD! You did it!!

Constance Smith

You all are going through a monumental time. I remember the feelings of excitement as I finished. While your graduation may look vastly different, that does not diminish the progress and accomplishments you've made during your time at KU! Rock Chalk!

Cooper Nickel, 2013 graduate

CONGRATULATIONS, JAYHAWK GRADS! I know your graduation doesn't look or feel anything like you were anticipating, and I cannot imagine the disappointment you must feel. Despite the lack of pomp and circumstance, nothing can take away from your accomplishments and the knowledge that you gained at the best university in the nation. From Jayhawk to Jayhawk, I am SO incredibly proud of your achievements, and I cannot wait to see the positive change you bring to the world! And I have my fingers crossed I'll be able to watch you all walk down the hill as soon as it's safe.

Cori Jones, 2016 graduate

Ad Astra per Aspera is the Kansas state motto. It means 'To the Stars Through Difficulty'. You have experienced difficulty this year, but you are now on your way to the stars! It's a Great Day to Be a Jayhawk! Rock Chalk Class of 2020 and to our special member, Steven, who is graduating along with you!

Craig Lee, 1993

Congratulations to the class of 2020!!! Celebrating you from a distance and looking forward to your graduation will be worth the wait!! Congratulations to our graduating son!! With perseverance and strength you have made this great achievement and we could not be more proud of you!!

Cristina Rendon

Rock Chalk Nurse Anesthesia class of 2020!

We are so excited to welcome you to our profession.

—Cynthia Epplin, 1994 graduate

Congratulations, Class of 2020! As a twice graduate of our beloved alma mater, I can assure you KU will always be part of your heart. I’m so proud to have you as part of the Jayhawk alumni family. Wear your crimson and blue with pride!!! #Jayhawkforever

Cynthia Lewis, 1990

Yours is a truly auspicious time to enter the world beyond higher education. I strongly encourage you to look at graduation, however, not only as a challenging time, but as a time to challenge! Challenge what? Challenge everything that you see, hear and read. For example, what is the strongest (biological) anti-virus that we know of and are we really using it? Is global warming real and if so, is it animals and fossil fuels that are at fault or is it our management of those resources that needs attention? Can any economy succeed by forcing everyone to go get a job or are some socialistic elements necessary such as government subsidies to companies and stimulus checks to workers? Is an avid pro-life belief congruent with favoring a jury-imposed death penalty? Is universal health care necessary or should people be free to go without and mingle as they please? What is the true balance of authority between government orders, religious doctrine and individual will? Remember, there is nothing constant but change! How things change is entirely up to you.

—Dale Taylor, PhD, 1984 graduate

While the walk is memorable, the best part of the degree was your experiences and the education and friendships/networking that lives on.  Do great things! #RCJH

Dalena Mcgrew, 2010

Congratulations on your graduation. It will likely be one of the high points of your life.

Since my class, 1970 and your class, 2020 will not have walked down The HIll for graduation; I suggest we both do it next year. Class of 2020, please don't wait 50 years to do it like 1970 has done. I have never felt my KU experience has been complete without The Walk. We should include the Class of 1996 perhaps as well. That class got to walk down The Hill but not through the Campanile due to the ongoing Campanile restoration project. It is great to be a Jayhawk.

—Dan Harden, 1970 graduate

" unwisely in a troubled time is a foolishness to avoid at all cost. If you cannot avoid the trouble, you had better find the wisdom." Carolyn Brown, Footprints of the Soul

As you reach this milestone, remember that you have more than a credential, you have wisdom for troubled times, wisdom to make those times less troubled. The value of everything you have may not show itself right away, but doing your best will always be better because of this time of learning and growing. Congratulations!

—Dana Elaine Carr, 1975 graduate

Congratulations on all your hard work! Now go out and change the world :)

—Danielle Bray, 2016 graduate

Life is unexpected. Embrace it. You will overcome these challenges just as you have done in the past. Class of 2020, make your presence known as you step out into the world!

—Danielle Crowder, 2010 graduate

We’re so proud of our family’s first college graduate grandchild, Meredith Faust. Meredith, you’ve done an amazing job for the past four years as a student. Now you are well prepared and positioned for success in your chosen profession. Well done! Keep growing, keep learning. You will always have our support and admiration. All our love, Grammy and Papa

Dennis Aron

Alexa Chmieleski, you inspire us. We watched you face your challenges and fears. You are a champion in every sense of the world. Your talent and strong spirit will bloom exponentially going forward now that you hit and passed so many important milestones. Great Job! mom and dad

Dennis Chmieleski

Class of 2020 always remember:
Behind You All of Your Memories!
Before You All Your Dreams!
Around You All Who Love You!
Within You All You Need!!
Congratulations s and Rock Chalk Jayhawk!

Darci Todd

Your final semester at the University of Kansas won't be something to something to remember with regret. As the years pass, you'll remember it as a time that made you stronger, that taught you to adapt and to be more mindful, to pivot and to better care for others. Your final semester taught you more than you expected it would. The Class of 2020 is unique and, yes, special.

—Darren Sextro, 1987 graduate

First, in these trying times, your achievement still means so much, and you should be extremely proud. One day you WILL walk down that hill, take care and be happy. Welcome to the Jayhawk nation of graduates, you did it!

—Dave Draxler, 1979

Weddings where things go wrong during the ceremony are often the ones that last forever ... May that be so with your graduation, and congratulations on your KU degree!

—David Courtwright, 1974 graduate

Rock Chalk Class of 2020! Congratulations on all your accomplishments to date and best of luck as you officially become part of the KU Alumni community! Remember, Jayhawks flock together - no matter where you go do your best to stay connected to KU and give back wherever you can!

—David Hoese, 1986 graduate

The Class of 2020 will forever be known as the most resilient class in KU history for all that you've accomplished and for all that you've had to overcome in your final semester at KU. The Class of 2020 is going to change the world. Congratulations and Rock Chalk!

—David Johnston, 1994 graduate

Congratulations from NY to all 2020 graduating Jayhawks!!

—David St. Peter, 1990 graduate

Congratulations graduating seniors! Your last semester has undeniably been arduous. Still in time you will recognize that graduation isn’t the end of a journey. It is merely the beginning of a lifelong quest for knowledge.

—Davin Sneed

Shout out to the class of 2020 and the amazing young women of Sig Delt. Don’t be afraid for even one moment that you are powerful beyond your wildest dreams!

—Debbie Opich

Congratulations Class of 2020! As you embark on your new adventures remember to follow your dreams. Choose the path that connects with your heart and soul. You have the power and the ability to make a difference in this world. Shine your light!

—Deborah Gabriel

Congratulations to my daughter, Jessica T, Class of 2020 Bachelor's in Business Analytics!! Congratulations to all of the other sorority sisters of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. Remember to always keep your eye on the prize. Nothing can stop you. Love, Delilah Thompson

—Delilah Thompson

Congratulations Class of 2020! You've worked hard and shared so many special memories over these past four years and deserve to be recognized. Your willingness to adapt and protect yourself as well as others around you during this time of uncertainty is commendable. Soon, the pandemic will be behind you and success will lie ahead. I have no doubt you will get the chance to walk down that hill and share the tradition passed down for generations and you’ll appreciate the moment more than you ever thought possible. As parents, we're so proud of you and especially proud to be the parent of a Jayhawk! Rock Chalk!

—Denice Justus

2020 Graduates--you made it! The race you set out to complete has concluded. Well done. I hope you all take ample time to reflect on your time at KU and how much you've evolved throughout your years here. What's awesome is you're a Jayhawk for life. It doesn't end just because you've received your degree. We're all family forever! Lastly, remember your nest; return to it often. And never forget this unique bird that has set you free.” All the best to you and what will certainly be a fruitful future! Rock Chalk!!

Derek Stark, 2018 graduate

Welcome to the family! Rock Chalk!

Donna Kirk-Swaffar, 1989

To the KU class of 2020. We know this is not how you would ever imagine you would wrap up your academic classes. As you go off to your next opportunity you will see there will often be obstacles and you have to respond. I would like to thank the University of Kansas for doing everything they could to make this possible for the class of 2020. No one could have ever imagined you would’ve had to deal with a worldwide pandemic. You have persevered and shown true colors of what it is to be a Jayhawk! As a parent of a graduating senior, I am so excited for his next venture into this world. May this day be a milestone that will bring you fond memories and may your future be brighter than this day.

Congratulations class of 2020, Rock Chalk, Jayhawk!

—Donna Walker




ROCK CHALK!!!!!!!!!!!!


—Donna Whalen

You are truly going to be leading us in a new direction, and you have our best wishes and support as you begin your next journey. Good Luck!

Duane Kreuger

It was a very tough end of the year to say the least! However, through your hard work and determination, you did it! Congratulations and good luck!

Duangjai Ablah

Wishing our son Muditha K. & the Class of 2020 a bright future. Nothing can stop you from reaching your dreams! Keep walking.

God bless!

Dushyanthi & Pujitha

—Dushyanthi Kapukotuwa

Tamera Thornton, congratulations!  We’re so proud of you girl!  We know you’ll knock it out of the park in whatever you do. Go all you new graduating Jayhawks!

Dyrk Dugan, 1989

Congratulations to the newest Jayhawks Alumni. You should be very proud of yourselves. Go Jayhawks!!

Edmee Fernandez, 1991

Congratulations Graduates. The world needs you now more than ever. Be the innovators, the problem solvers, the healers, the builders and makers, the doers, and the heroes out there.

—Elie Riachi

We are so proud of all of you and can’t wait till you are able to make your walk down the hill!

—Elizabeth Frost, 1984 graduate

Congratulations KU Class of 2020!  I am so sorry you were not able to experience the end of your time at KU as expected.  But I know you have worked hard to get here, and you have accomplished much for which you should be proud.  My sincerest congratulations, and best wishes for your future!

Elizabeth O’Connor

Congratulations!! Wishing you all the best in the next step of life!! To our special Jayhawk, Annie W., BSB in Marketing and Management, we are so proud of you and can’t wait to watch what life has in store for you next! Rock Chalk!!

Elizabeth (Weingart) Olson, 2010 graduate

It’s taking years to reach this moment and one single event to place it on hold. We still celebrate you & all you have accomplished! It takes determination & focus to reach the finish line & you have done that! It wasn’t that long ago it seems we were introducing you to everyone after you were born & now we introduce you to everyone as incredible, young, semi-responsible college graduates!! We are so proud of you & everything you have accomplished! We know you will do great things. Congratulations!!!

Ellen Gaffield

Congrats to the Grads of KU 2020!
You're on your way up...
You're off to see great sights...
You're all high fliers...
You're ready to soar to high heights!
You're off to great places,
Because today is your day...
You're Mountain is waiting,
So go get on your way!
#RockChalk #WeWillOvercome!
Best of Luck from the Gardner Hansen's

—Eric & Angela Hansen

I know this has been a difficult year, but take a moment to close your eyes, breathe, and revel in your incredible achievement in the face of adversity on your special day—just for a moment. You will be the first graduating class in history to usher in a new era of inclusive graduation ceremonies where  physical, geographic, and financial barriers give way to a ceremony for all. And given time, you’ll get your walk down the hill too. Double win. Enjoy it, and Rock Chalk.

Erica Argyropoulos, 2015

Congratulations! Don’t worry about the small stuff but do your best to make a difference. You have accomplished one of the greatest goals that many do not. Now you have a responsibility to do something with all of that knowledge. Congratulations and enjoy this huge achievement! You deserve it!

—Esther Platt, 2018 graduate

Here's to you class of 2020! Once a Jayhawk, always a Jayhawk. The KU family is proud to be celebrating you today!

—Evan Rattenborg, 2014 gradaute

Class of 2020,

I cannot imagine what you must be going through right now. I know walking down the hill and being honored as KU graduates is what you've been working so hard toward for the last four years.

It might feel lonely right now, but just know that everybody who would have been a part of your graduation weekend is still very, very proud of you. And all of the KU Alumni who came before you are proud of you, too. You all did such an outstanding job living up to what it means to be a Jayhawk during your time on campus, and I know you will continue to do that in whatever your next stop is.

It's impossible to say what will happen next, but I do know this: If the university allows you to come back and participate in a graduation ceremony, please do it! Walking down the hill with all of your friends into the football stadium is something you'll remember for the rest of your life!

Rock Chalk!

—Evan Riggs, 2017 graduate

Congratulations on your graduation you made it! It's sad that the class of 2020 cannot do the walk now but trust me YOU will do the walk, KU won't allow this to happen. This is a tradition that will hold, and the class of 2020 will do it. we just have to hold on until Covid pandemic is over. Hold your heads up high you are Jayhawks and see you in the walk at a later date. Rock Chalk Jayhawk!

Fahad Al Otaibi, 2018 graduate

Your role in this world is dependent upon your unique talents and knowledge plus the needs of the times. Constantly evaluate your strengths & weaknesses to help you discover your contributions to this world. Be fulfilled and be awake each and every day.

—Fran Brochstein

The last 4 years haven’t been the easiest, but trust me, going forward I think you’ll agree that it was worth it! Congrats! Now, go conquer the world. ROCK CHALK!!

—Fran Casperson, 1960

Congratulations to the 2020 KU School of the Arts graduating class and especially Jake R. (Bachelor of the Arts in Theatre Performance)!
You are through with playing by the rules of someone else's game – Wicked.

Fran Reitz

Caps off to Luke Engle and other Jayhawk Grads. Treat every job like it’s your dream job and keep learning. Don’t forget to say thank you. You have a lot to celebrate!

Frances Foster

Congratulations parents and families!  So proud and happy for all our Jayhawks graduating especially my son, Luke Engle. I even went to K state and always felt proud of the experience my son had at KU, and I was grateful for my interactions with other KU parents. Proud of Luke, and so happy for all of you. Congratulations!

Frances Foster

God bless all your future endeavors!

—Frederick Lobati

Class of 2020,

I wish you well as you embark upon life’s next adventure. My hope is that you will find a silver lining in the world. Often times we have to use the glass half full mindset to see the good. You’ve reached the finish line despite your circumstances. You’ve shown those that have gone before you your determination and those that will follow that focus is the key to thriving in adversity. I’m encouraged because you are our future leaders at the federal state and local levels. You are our future military leaders, sport figures, teachers, doctors, lawyers and community leaders. We are in good hands because of your success. Keep up the good work. Always Ready!! Rock Chalk!!

—Fredrick Gayles, 2016 graduate

Congratulations on your child’s KU Class of 2020!
History will attest that your invaluable efforts forming your child at home, provided them with strong work ethics, proven during these challenging times, and with the best education at KU to become stronger and perseverant Jayhawks! Congratulations, you did this too!

—From Peru

Congratulations to the class of 2020.

Best wishes for a lifetime of successes from baby steps to giant steps! The Forstater Family

—Gail and Mathew (Parents of Raymond) Forstater

Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So, throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails and enjoy life.

Congratulations Class of 2020. There will be some rough seas ahead but stay focused and determined and the world can be your oyster

—Gary Fern

Congratulations on this outstanding achievement in the face of great adversity! The completion of this past semester has been a true testament of your character. Good luck on your future endeavors. Rock Chalk! 

—Geoffrey Racy, 2018 graduate

To the class of 2020 - we know this year didn't turn out at all like we hoped or planned. If for nothing, we wish that you continue to hold your head high for all that you accomplished with completing your degree. You are blessed to be a Jayhawk. Go make your mark on the world as you have a story like no other and pandemic or not, your success cannot be diminished. Congratulations class of 2020. Rock Chalk !!

—Ginny Chandler-Whitelow

Congrats fellow Jayhawks! Good luck

—Gionelli Pourmemar, 2019 graduate

Ivan R. - You will always have our hand within your reach. and we will always be proud of you. Our best wishes always! Papá y Mamá.

—Gloria Mila de la Roca

Natalie B. and Blake M.,
Words cannot begin to express how proud we are of you. We knew you both felt, early on, that it seemed like this was going to take forever. My how time flies.
Blake, job well done on acquiring your Business degree and congratulations on your new job as account specialist at the University of Kansas.
Dr. Natalie, you knew it was going to be tough, but the sacrifice and challenge was so worth it. You will make a great pharmacist!
TOGETHER, you will have a very bright future.
Now you are both officially enshrined in the Jayhawk Family! 
Rock Chalk Jayhawk, Go K.U.!!!

—Greg and Jennifer Bethel, 1997 graduates

Well done proud parents of class of 2020!! They will carry your support and love as they explore the world even more. Congratulations!

—Hamideh Gerami

Congratulations Class of 2020! Your accomplishments and hard work have not gone unnoticed. Move into this next chapter in your life with open arms and willingness for the unknown. Remember your nest; return to it often. And never forget this unique bird that has set you free. Rock chalk.

Hannah Schifman, 2018 

Congratulations, fellow Jayhawk! You did it. I know graduation season looks much different than you expected, but I hope you still feel SO celebrated. I remember moving into Ellsworth my freshman year and everyone saying, “Soak up every minute. The next four years are going to fly by.” I thought it was cliché and just shook my head. But looking back, they were right. I blinked and I was an alum. This university taught me so much, both inside the classroom and out. I became a better person, I made some of my favorite memories, and I met lifelong friends. If I were to guess, you could probably say the same. These words are written in a mural along the track at the Rec Center: “Remember your nest; return to it often. And never forget this unique bird that has set you free.” Though you will soon be an alum, KU will always be a place to call home. Enjoy this season celebrating all you have accomplished and all that is to come. With that, I truly believe there are only two words to appropriately close with: ROCK CHALK!!

Hannah Wilson, 2018

This time will only make you stronger! The future is yours! Great things await you! Congratulations Class of 2020!!

Heather Duwe, Parent of Graduating Student

Class of 2020! You made it! All those late nights studying, camping out at AFH for games, cheering on the football team, trekking to classes in the heat and the snow have paid off and you are now done! You walked up the hill for 4 years and now you’ll walk down the hill and through Campanile as so many alumni have before you. This signals that you have joined the KU Alumni Family. You are now a Jayhawk for life! Wear your KU gear with pride and always give a Rock Chalk when you see a fellow Jayhawk!

Rock Chalk Jayhawk! Congratulations Class of 2020!

—Heather Klenke 2003

Lila Akrad quote

Congratulations to the BSIT graduating students! It was an interesting last semester. Many people now appreciate IT more than ever. Good luck and keep us all safely connected!

—Heather McCain, 1999

Your commitment, love, support, and dedication to your child/student will be evident as they leave KU and begin contributing to local communities and the world as a whole. The graduation walk is lost, but we parents are in it for a lifetime. Fly away Class of 2020, do good and make us proud.

—Heidi Keith

As the grandparents of Mauri Lynn Tedder, and I know other grandparents feel the same, I am so proud of all of you. Not only for graduating, but for all the hard work and time spent to reach your goals. My heart breaks that there won’t be a formal ceremony; the important thing is you accomplished something others couldn’t. A time of celebration will come whether today, tomorrow or down the road. Be as proud of yourself as we are. Congratulations and may your future be bright, filled with health and happiness. SO VERY PROUD!

—Ina & Allan Padratzik

Paging Paige Aubrey S.: you have done your family proud. God bless you today.

—Jack Healy, 1997 graduate

Congratulations! You did it!

—Jale Bryant

Rock Chalk Class of 2020,
The experience of an education at KU is like no other. KU encourages the thirst for lifelong learning and growth. Special congrats to my sweet daughter Laurel A.!!

Jane Anderson, 1981graduate

Many heartfelt congratulations to all of this year’s Grads! It may be different and disappointing, but you will definitely remember this academic year in the future! May all your dreams and hard work send you in whatever direction you choose. Special shout out to our Grandson, Jonah U.!!

—Janie and Roger Ulane

You are graduating in a tough time, but take heart--you are well qualified to make your contribution to the world!

—Janis Hill, 1978 graduate

Missing your graduation experience may hurt now, but in the long run, it's your education and all your other learning and adventures at KU that will matter more.

My class got to walk down the hill, but as soon as we sat down, someone grabbed the mic and said Severe thunderstorm warning. Everyone leave the stadium now! I expect several other classes had the same experience. It's Kansas in May after all!

—Jann Rudkin, 1973 graduate

As a member of this class, the KU class of 2020 you have experienced unprecedented and unpredictable times. Yet through your drive and perseverance you have succeeded in achieving one of life's greatest goals - a degree from The University of Kansas. Much success to you - Rock Chalk

—Jay Hinrichs, 1980 graduate

Congratulations on all of your achievements! May you find joy in completing your degree! It’s a big deal!! Celebrate!

—Jaylea Black, 2018 graduate

Congratulations to the KU Graduating class of 2020. I’m so proud of all of you and your accomplishments! A special shout out to the School of Social Welfare! Here’s to a bright future! Rock Chalk!

Jea Castrop-May, 2019

Shout out to Shannon Conover. Congratulations on earning your Masters of Social Welfare! You are an amazing social worker and counselor. Now go out there and save the world!!! So proud of you! Love you!

Jea Castrop-May, 2019

Each of you has so much to be proud of while earning your degree from The University of Kansas. Always treasure your time in Lawrence, the studying, the friends, the connections and of course, the degree will help you build a life you can be proud of. Congratulations class of 2020! Rock Chalk!

Jeanine & Joe Sheehy

Meredith F.,
Congratulations on your graduation. We are so proud of your accomplishment. Your hard work and dedication have truly paid off. Wishing you great success with your dreams and career. “Go forth and set the world on fire.”- St. Ignatius Loyola

Love Dad, Mom, Emilie and Sarah

Jeannine Faust

Congratulations to the Class of 2020 on your graduation. This is obviously a significant milestone in your lives. It also marks the launch of the next exciting phase of your lives during some weird and challenging times. I vividly remember my own graduation even though it was 54 years ago. I so wish you could experience walking down the Hill as we did, greeting family and friends and saying thanks to all those members of the faculty who guided your college experience. I was the first in my family to graduate from college, so launching into the world as a college graduate was really special and a little scary. It has to be special and even scarier for you. But I'm confident that your class will seize the opportunity to renew the world and meet and address the flaws and weaknesses that have been revealed by this pandemic. In a real sense, society has been stripped bare and begs to be rebuilt in a way that assures better health and prosperity for all who live in this great nation and the world more broadly. We desperately need renewal from the energy and imagination you will bring to the task. We are all counting on you to seize the opportunity.

—Jeff Ellis, 1966 graduate

Congratulations, class of 2020 graduating Jayhawks! Thirty-four years ago, I received my Bachelor of Science degree from KU. The journey I have had since then, from an orderly in a hospital to the CEO of a non-profit healthcare organization and the President of a second, non-profit foundation, has been amazing. At every turn, my KU degree and the lessons learned as a student, not only in the classroom but in developing relationships with fellow students and faculty, have served me incredibly well.

As you spread your wings and fly off on your own personal journeys, my wish for you is nothing but success and fond memories of Old KU. When you look back, you will find the accomplishment of earning your Kansas degree was a huge milestone in your journey, marking passage from a person seeking knowledge to person on a mission and one well-equipped to succeed. All of the best in your journey, and ROCK CHALK!

Jeff Orlowski, 1986 graduate

Homecoming and to foster your friendships long into adulthood. Don't miss the opportunities to return and revisit your favorite local restaurants, bars and shops. Share memories by reminiscing about dorm life, sorority/fraternity life, professors, football tailgates and basketball campouts. Your crimson and blue blood will be with you wherever you go. You will always find fellow Jayhawks everywhere in the world and you will share common stories about your times at KU and they will offer to support you in your endeavors. I wish you the best of luck in the next chapter ahead and remind you to look back and remember the stories that made you who you have become. Seize every opportunity and enjoy each day! Rock Chalk!

Jennifer Palmer, 1991 graduate

Remember it’s all about the value you bring to those around you. You bring value as a KU grad, and it’s up to you on how you use it.

—Jesse Cook, 2018 graduate

If you can make it through a virtual senior year, you will make it through whatever comes next. Congrats and welcome to the Jayhawk Alumni Family!

—Jessi Ganoung, 2016 graduate

Since everybody is an individual, nobody can be you. You are unique. No one can tell you how to use your time. It is yours. Your life is your own. You mold it. You make it. -Eleanor Roosevelt

—Jessica Luna, 2017 graduate

As a KU Alumni, I can't begin to imagine the disappointment that you feel. Your days in Lawrence were supposed to end with you walking through Campanile (finally!), but instead, you are being drop-kicked into the real world without closure. The loss is real. You may also have been personally impacted by COVID19 and on top of it, the job market isn't great. BUT, you are not alone and you will get through this! And when you come out on the other side, you will be stronger, more resilient, and able to cope with anything thrown your way. Because that is life - it's not about what happens to you. What defines you is how you handle it and move forward. COVID19 doesn't make life uncertain. It exposes the uncertainties of life. But one thing is certain: KU will always be there and Once a Jayhawk, always a Jayhawk #RCJH

Jill Feldman, 1991

Ask questions and continue to be a critical thinker. We need each of you working in our businesses, advocating in our communities, and building strong families. You don't need to follow in our footsteps as much as we need you to walk beside us and share the lead as we create new paths. Do not be shy... Do not be timid... rather, be a bold partner. We are ready for you! Congratulations Class of 2020!

—Jim Para-Cremer, 2008 graduate

Congratulations! You have earned something no one can ever take away from you - your degree from the University of Kansas. At some point, you may wish to come back and walk through the Campanile on your own or with a friend. I'm sorry you couldn't do that with your fellow graduates, but nevertheless you're a part of the Jayhawk Nation forever. Best wishes!

—Jim Remsberg, 1957 graduate

Congratulations to the KU Class of 2020. Although your coursework and journey to graduation may have been altered, your accomplishment and dedication remained the same. For that you should all be proud and forever remember this shared experience. You will take what you have learned as a Jayhawk with you everywhere for the rest of your life - cherish it. Onward and Upward!

—Jim Starr, 1990 graduate

Right now the world seems closed and limited and it's easy to focus on what we are missing.  But it will open up and you will take advantage of its opportunities and you will make changes to it that will be greater than we can now imagine.  Happy travelling - the Force will be with you!  Rock chalk!

Joann Kreimendahl

Take all you learned, add all you love, be happy, be generous, be kind, and make things better because you were here.

Jodi Schade

To my son Jake R., I couldn't be more proud of your collegiate success and look forward to what you have to offer the theatrical world following graduation!!  Love you and proud of you!!

—Joe Reitz

Follow your dreams and don’t let anyone get in your way.

Congratulations. Your job is still not done yet though.

—Joel Meyers

Go get 'em Jayhawks. You are the best of all who came before you. Make us proud!

—John Dillon

It’s all up from here! These challenges will pass and you will be stronger for it! GO KU!!!!!

—John Pope, 1989 graduate

No doubt you are now well prepared to face the many challenges that face us. Continue to gain experience in any way possible. Make it a lifetime of learning. And, never give up. Remember your Jayhawk Heritage!

—John Rueb, 1976 graduate

Congratulations KU Class of 2020! A special shout out to our favorite Jayhawk, Annie Weingart! We are proud of all your hard work and success while at KU! We know whatever you do in life you will be successful! Rock Chalk Forever! Love you! Mom and Dad!

—John and Nancy Weingart, 1987 graduate

My wish for you is that this life becomes all that you want it to. Your dreams stay big, your worries stay small and that you never need to carry more than you can hold. - Rascal Flatts

—John and Rose Shaw

Rock your virtual walk like a Hawk!!

Jolene Davis, 2019

Congratulations on all your hard work and achievement! The world post-graduation is an exciting and amazing place that welcomes you with open arms! Cheers to the next chapter!

—Jordan Lisher, 2008 graduate

Welcome to the alumni family!

Sending you congratulations and looking forward to seeing the wonderful things in store for you. Rock Chalk!!

—Jordann Snow, 2008 graduate

We wish you all the best as you continue to educate yourselves or begin careers where you can elevate others!!

—Joseph Martucci

Congratulations Class of 2020 graduates! You all didn't deserve the way this year ended, but I am inspired by the resolve and strength you showed during these tough times to push through. I am proud and honored to welcome all of you as fellow alumni of the University of Kansas. Rock Chalk!

—Josh Windholz, 2015 graduate

Congratulations Alexander Gresham!!! I am so proud of you and all that you have accomplished so far in your life!!! I can't wait to see what your future has in store for you!!! I know you have much more success ahead of you!! I wish you happiness, good health,  big wealth and know you can triumph in anything and everything you take on!!! I love you so much!!!! Congratulations on your graduation!!!! Xoxoxo love, mom.

Joy Lahowetz

I can so relate to your disappointment of missing your walk down the Hill. I too did not get to take the walk because in 1970 rain canceled it and we graduated in Allen. This year though KU offered an opportunity to our class to walk. Maybe in 50 years our class (1970) and your class (2020) can walk with the class of (2070).

Best wishes to you all. You will remember your day at KU all the days of your life. Rock Chalk Jayhawk.

—Joyce Burgess Elcock, 1970 graduate

Ross Dalton quote

Integrity is the shortest path to success.
Make your intentions win-win in every relationship.

Julie Andrews, 1993

Congratulations on your tremendous life accomplishment! You stuck with it, worked hard, had fun and triumphantly crossed the finish line! While you may not hear the crowds roaring with excitement and pride at a commencement event, we are behind you cheering you on for your success and wishing you all the best of luck in whatever comes next. Rock chalk!

—Julie Davis, 2019 graduate

Congratulations 2020 University of Kansas graduates! Of course this is nontraditional but that’s just another way that makes you a wonderfully unique Jayhawk. Look back on your time here with pride and look forward with clarity to a new world with new possibilities. You are more than your KUID and what you will do with that is up to you. The world needs your open minds and hearts now more than ever. So, soar fellow Jayhawks, soar!

—Julie Kenagy, 1994 graduate

The legacy of the Jayhawk spirit and the relentless pursuit of making a difference is now passed on to you -- dream big and follow your heart. Godspeed to all!

—K.K. Cleland, 1987 graduate

Good luck in a happy and successful life.

—Karen Epperson, 1979 graduate

Congratulations to all the new KU graduates! I am sure you are disappointed about missing out on that special Jayhawk tradition. I can’t replace that for you, but I can assure you that your graduation is more than a few hours on May 17th. It is the culmination of all the great and not-so-great experiences you had throughout your KU career, however many years you studied. It is all the learning, thinking, communicating, recreating, and socializing that turned you into the scholarly and successful person you are today. These are the types of memories I recall about KU: football and basketball games, meeting up at the Student Union, the pink buds in Spring, the museums, the concerts, friends and pizza, the Smokehouse downtown. Racing through campus to make it to the next class! Strong Hall and Jayhawk statues, the Library, Allen Field House, and Prairie Acre. I don’t really remember the speaker at my graduation, or his message. But those other memories are priceless gems. You gave it the old college try! You did it! Get out there and make us all proud! Make yourself proud. Hail to thee, our Alma Mater! Hail to old KU! Best wishes!

—Karen Malabre, 1979 graduate

Congratulations Graduates! This obviously isn't the way you had envisioned and dreamed your Commencement to be. However, the wishes are the same no matter what the outer circumstances of the world in which we live and function. I have every confidence that each of you will find your way and enrich the world in ways you may not even imagine for yourselves at this moment. I look forward to when you will actually be Walking the Hill. My degree took thirty-seven years from start to finish, and the walk down that hill was one of the most fantastic experiences of my life. I wish each of you fantastic and encouraging events in your lives. Never give up.
With every good wish for each and every one of you.

—Kathleen Spennrath, 2018 graduate

Congratulations, Paige S.! Wishing we could watch you walk down the hill. Enjoy the next phase of your professional career! Love, Kathy & Jack.

—Kathy Buso Healy, 1999 graduate

Take a minute to celebrate yourself -- your child's graduation is just as much about you as it is him or her. Your guidance, your support, your love -- none of that has been, or ever will be overlooked. None of that has been taken for granted. YOU deserve the cap and gown, the cake, the champagne, the kudos and the virtual hugs. ENJOY this time!!

—Kathy Collins

CONGRATULATIONS ON A JOB WELL DONE! We will be celebrating with all of you from home! And to OUR Graduate, Brad, we are so very proud of you for persevering and working to the fullest of your potential these past 5 years to accomplish your goal of obtaining your March degree! Love you!

Kathie Kreuger

Happy Graduation to my daughter Melissa & the rest of the Master of Museum Studies Cohort of 2020! Rock Chalk Jayhawks! Fly high into your futures!

Kathleen Dunn-Raynoha

I am so proud of this AWESOME class of 2020! Two very special students are my daughter, Grace Noonan, and my niece, Meredith Rivas!!! It seems like only yesterday when we moved them into Oswald.  Grace and Meredith have both accomplished AMAZING things the past 4 years at KU! I wish them the very best and know they will be successful in all they do! CONGRATULATIONS!!! Forever JAYHAWKS! Much Love, MOM / AUNT KATHY 

Kathryn Noonan, 1982

Congratulations to Sully on his awesome achievement on graduating with his degree in art! Sully is so talented! We are so happy for him too!

—Kathy Rolofson

You may not get to walk through the Campanile on Commencement Day, but you will carry your experiences from The Hill with you for the rest of your life. Rock Chalk and Ad Astra Per Aspera!

—Katie Oliver, 2014

Erica Argyropoulos quote

If you’re comfortable, you’re not growing. The start of 2020 has been an uncomfortable season for most, but also a time of growth. I pray you each continue to take risks, push through struggles and seek out new adventures in life. Congratulations Class of 2020

—Kelli Oyewole

Congratulations and Blessings to you as you go forward.

—Kem Selman, 1981 graduate

Sorry you won't get to walk down the hill, but what matters, is that you're a Jayhawk For Life! Congratulations!

Kent Sutherland, 1969 graduate

Congratulations, Class of 2020!  You are joining a community of loyal, proud alumni who will support you every step of the way.  Your resilience and perseverance will open doors to new opportunities and possibilities.  Rock Chalk and best wishes!

—Kerry Glasgow

Many congratulations to the class of 2020 and especially our daughter, Paige S., who is receiving her Master's in Higher Ed Administration. You have prevailed through difficult times.

—Kevin Selman, 1985 graduate

Being a graduate doesn’t mean that you know everything—but you are better prepared to learn what life has in store for you. This degree is a stepping stone to assist you in realizing your full potential. Life is a journey and only you hold the map!

After years of hard work, your big day has come and you are “virtually” walking at graduation. Here’s to the variety of new opportunities that have opened for you! Enjoy your graduation day. You have such an exciting adventure ahead of you!

—Kevin & Pam Brown

Things may come to those who wait, but only the things left by those who hustle. - Abraham Lincoln

—Kim Bernal

Class of 2020 congratulations! You will have a story to tell. A story that shows the perseverance and commitment to your education and future! We could not be more proud! Rock Chalk.

—Kim Brenner

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams! (Eleanor Roosevelt).

Dream big class of 2020. We are proud of you Kelly!

Kim Russell

Studying at KU was one of the happiest times in my life. I loved campus so much and reminisce often. Cherish your memories of KU and know that your degree can truly take you anywhere! You did it! Rock Chalk Jayhawk! Congrats!!!

—Krista Jobst, 2014 graduate

Imagining the future is a kind of nostalgia. (...) You spend your whole life stuck in the labyrinth, thinking about how you'll escape it one day, and how awesome it will be, and imagining that future keeps you going, but you never do it. You just use the future to escape the present. - John Green, Looking for Alaska

—Kristin Shore, 2007

Class of 2020, especially my sister, Anne, congrats! No pandemic can take away the huge accomplishments you’ve made in your journey to graduation. Even though you can’t walk down the hill this May, I’m sure you will return to KU and walk through the campanile because Jayhawks always return to their home and when you do, I hope you feel proud!

—Laura Carlson, 2017

Congratulations class of 2020. Even though you didn’t get a chance to actually walk, just remember your class year, 2020, will never be forgotten!! Rock Chalk class of 2020!

—Laura Manley

To my graduating senior student employees, Tony M. & Daniel O., “Ad Aspera Per Aspera.” I believe the difficulties of 2020 will lead you to be the brightest of the shining stars. I can’t wait to see what’s next for you. Rock Chalk!

—Laura McCorkill, 2010 graduate

So proud of all the perseverance you’ve all shown. Shout out to Sarah S., graduating with honors at just 20 years of age. We could not be more proud of your accomplishments and the woman you’ve become! Go make your mark on this world!

—Laura Spencer

Here's to a wonderful life! Some tips for you to consider:

Be kind; be fair; be trustworthy; wave to trash collectors; let a pedestrian walk safely; play with children; and - when presented with a place setting with too many utensils - work from the outside in. The ones at the top are for dessert. And finally, play is as important as work. You need to balance your life to make it happy.

—Laurel Wessman, 1971 graduate

Your graduation from KU is a great achievement. Congratulations! Be proud! Remember your values as you pursue your dreams. Keep learning. Be kind and generous. Remember your roots. You're a Kansas Jayhawk forever! Rock Chalk!

Lavonne Seifert, 1967

Go confidently in the direction of your dreams and live the life you imagined - Thoreau. Congratulations class of 2020! Wishing you all the best for the future.

Leatha Nowlan

Wow! Look how far you've come and all that you have accomplished in such crazy times! As you move into the next phase of your life's journey, just know you can do anything! Keep smiling and enjoy your next adventure!

Leslie Schmitz

Congratulations on this huge accomplishment!  Be proud of your success and be excited as your new journey brings. You are part of a very large family that will always be here for you.

“Wherever you go, go with all your heart.”– Confucius

Celebrate! And remember you will make a difference in this world!  Go be great! Rock Chalk Forever!

—Lila Akrad, 1994

Congratulations on your accomplishment!! You will look back on your years at KU as something very special and the life experiences learned there as useful for as your degree!

—Linda Cherner, 1971 graduate

Congratulations on a great accomplishment. Some never get to college, some start and never finish. You have finished well done!!! Now you are ready to take on the world. You will still need help. Your family, friends and fellow Jayhawks are a great resource of support. Use them. Best of luck on the next chapter of your long life. Do something special with your fellow graduates to celebrate the time a different, unique way. Rock chalk Linda -architecture grad.

—Linda Endebrock, 1984 graduate

To all the Jayhawks graduating in 2020,

You are a special group who will always be remembered for the strength you are showing right now. I hope you enjoyed your 4 years in Lawrence as much as your parents did. Continue to be strong Jayhawks and cheer on your university in whatever they do.

To my 2020 KU graduate- we are so proud of you and have loved falling in love with KU.

Rock Chalk Jayhawks!

—Lisa Glatstein

Jake- you have given us so much and we are so proud of you! RCJH!

—Lisa Glatstein

Best wishes to the class of 2020! You have already proven your flexibility and resiliency. Those qualities will serve you well as you leave KU to take on the world. You are forever a Jayhawk! Rock Chalk!

Lisa Nickel, 1989 graduate

Congratulations to the University of Kansas Class of 2020! You worked hard, played hard and you are now graduating! I am proud of all of you. My son, Neil, loved his years as a Jayhawk as I hope you all have. There are so many memories to cherish. This last semester has been tough on all of you but as I see from the parents' posts you, like my son, have handled this with grace, charm, wit and some tears and that's okay! I also applaud KU for handling this unprecedented time so well. I wish you all the best in your future endeavors. Be proud, be happy, be well. CONGRATULATIONS! ROCK CHALK JAYHAWK!

Lisa Peck, KU Mom

—Lisa Peck

Not only am I a KU alum, but my husband and I now have 2 daughters that have graduated from KU. We have lived in Lawrence for 20+ years and we have enjoyed raising all 3 of our children here. We feel Lawrence is one of the best towns in Kansas. Congrats to all of the 2020 graduates! Rock Chalk Forever, Baby!!

—Llara and Bart Baska, 1998 graduate

Congratulations to the class of 2020 for all of your hard work. Wishing you all much success! GO GET 'EM MAX H!!!

Lori & Henry Heering

Congratulations, Jayhawks!

Be bold, be kind - change our world for the better!

—Lorie Worner, 1986 graduate

Way to go! Although our current times present many challenges, I encourage you to look for the opportunities that disruption can present. Be empathetic through all of this and lead with your heart.

Lucinda Willard, 1993

Congratulations, Graduates! You did it! Your years at KU will always be with you and part of you. Once a Jayhawk, always a Jayhawk! Go KU!

—Lynn Ward, 1989 graduate

Congratulations and best of luck on your next adventure!

—Maria Ernst, 2018 graduate

This message is for my daughter Bianca S. and 4th generation of our family! As she experienced life and the trials and tribulations that come with it, she never gave up her goals to complete her Bachelor's degree. Since then she's never pumped the brakes! Her big brother Brandon and I are so very proud of hard work and determination and success!! We love you BOO BOO!!

—Maria Serviora

Go forward and make a difference with kindness, determination, and perseverance! Rock Chalk!

Marie Coffin, 2018

Dear Graduates of Class 2020, you made it! You made your family and your communities in the USA and overseas very proud!
Know that your efforts and sacrifices are valued, specially under the current circumstances of this pandemic. It speaks so well about your strong commitment to make this world a better place. Go and create, advance, improve, research, care, build, design, write, heal, teach, defend, protect with love and share your talents to unite human beings and make this world the one you want Your children to live in.
God bless you.
We celebrate you!
Lo lograste!

—Margarita Fitzpatrick

You rock! Enjoy your life and be grateful for every day! Make every moment count as life is precious!  Be proud of being a Jayhawk!

—Marianne Fowler, 1976 graduate

Congratulations. Use your KU education to go out and improve our world.

—Marjorie Courtney, 1947 graduate

Congratulations Class of 2020- you've dealt with the most unusual circumstances and finished strong! Best of luck, Mark

—Mark Jordan, 1983 graduate

What an honor it is to wish you only the best in all of your future endeavors. As you graduate, dream big, soar high and challenge yourself. You can make a difference in everything that you do.

—Marsha Oyer, BME, '75 & MME, '87.

In an ever-changing world hardships will occur. We see this today. War, famine, disease, hunger will continue to plague the world.

I challenge you to rise up. Rise up, find hope in Jesus and make a difference in the world. Don’t allow anything or anyone to steal your hope and joy.

—Marti Wilber

Class of 2020,

Take pride in how much you have achieved and believe in yourself that you can achieve even more! Although, your last months weren’t as planned Due to Covid 19 your positive attitude and strength were admired by all! We wish you great success as you continue to follow your dreams! Congratulations! & Rock Chalk - The Coopers

—Marty Cooper, 1986 graduate

Congratulations on your achievements! Take a stroll down that hill in your cap and gown and hear the cheering of family and friends from their hearts!

—Mary Courtney, 1978 graduate

Oh the places you will go
Oh the stories you'll have to tell
COVID-19 might have spoiled the celebration
but it can't take away All the Places You Will Go! Congrats & Best Wishes Class of 2020!!

Mary Jo Williams, 1983 graduate

Congratulations!!!! Hard work pays off. You all have bright futures ahead. Move forward and embrace the options. Things turn out best for those who make the best of the way things turn out.

—Mary Kay Obarski

To my Grandson- Jake B - I walked down the hill as did your Mother - so I can close my eyes and see you walking as we proudly watch! This walk is just a symbol of all you’ve accomplished! This plague year cannot remove that reality! Onward and upward!!

—Mary Zavett, 1962 graduate

You are a Jay Hawk and a pioneer in this new era.
Go forth! You can do it!

Meg D Scott, 1967

As a graduate of the Class of 2008, the current events of the world can be really discouraging. I think definitely go easy on yourself and keep pressing on because you'll land on your feet! You've got a great network and lots of people cheering you on.

—Meghan Sullivan, 2008 graduate

Congratulations to the class of 2020! Best wishes and good luck!

Melinda Garrett

Go be the change!!!!!

—Melissa Canupp

This message is in honor of my niece, Paige C., who graduated from RT school this spring. One day you will all reflect back and see what a special yet monumental graduating year this is. This will bring you so much appreciation for all you have accomplished and all you have done. I hope that you’ll remember how time felt like it stood still yet brought so many together. Take this experience and make it meaningful in all you do. You’re officially KU alumni! Hail to thee our alma mater, hail to old KU.

—Melody Keirns, 2004 graduate

I wanted nothing more than to watch all of you Walk the Hill on Sunday and I'm proud of you as a class for handling this so well. I know you'll do great things! Congratulations! Rock Chalk!

—Michael Calovich

Having watched you grow up and learn to navigate the world, I have no doubts that you will rise above all challenges including this one. Yours is truly an inspiring generation!


Michael Calovich

Congratulations on making to your graduation date! No one could have expected the world would be in the state that it finds itself in for your graduation. However, dark and destitute it might feel, just know that there are opportunities and challenges waiting for Jayhawks to seize. I'm sure many of you are bitter about how the year ended and bitter about a soured job market. My challenge to you is to remember the hope, intellectual curiosity, and altruistic nature you found on Mt. Oread and to take those lessons and approach in dealing with this new challenge. Choose hope and optimism over fear and dread. Say 'How can I help' instead of 'What can you do for me?'. But above all, remember that the world will meet this challenge and it will need Jayhawks to help propel it into the new era.

—Michael Riedl, 2016

Congratulations class of 2020! I wish you all the best in the next chapter of life! Remember, once a Jayhawks always a Jayhawks! ROCKCHALK

—Michael Stigler, 2016 graduate

Congratulations and Best Wishes Andy. Fantastic job we are so proud of you!!!! Rock Chalk!!!!  Love you. 

Michele and Marc, Parents of Graduating Student

Congratulations on all of your hard work! Now go change the world!

Michelle Gammill

Congratulations Graduating Class of 2020! You have worked so hard to achieve this day. You walk away today with the tools to be successful & achieve your dreams. Live your lives to the fullest & May you all be blessed with happiness, your health and financial prosperity. Believe in yourself and remember that although you walk away today as an adult into the next adventure, we are your parents and we will always be here to LOVE YOU! God Bless you all. - Michelle Procter, Mom of Graduate Melanie, BSN

—Michelle Procter, 1992 graduate

Stick to what feels true and right to you. Pursue it and be yourself. There's still plenty of knowledge to gain - it doesn't end when you leave KU. Keep learning and keep growing!

—Michelle Tevis, 1992 graduate

“All of our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them.”

“Every person you meet knows something you don’t; learn from them.”

—Mike Accurso

Rock Chalk, Jayhawkers!

—Mike Miller, 1971 graduate

While you don't have the ability to round out your final days of KU in the same fashion, find solace knowing that only brighter days are ahead of you. Your KU community and sense of home in Lawrence will always be close to you, and you've made all of us alumni proud in making it to this point and joining us in this next phase of your KU experience. Just as those who have come before you, continue to lend a hand to those that follow, in the same way that we are all happy to today! Wishing you all the best in your future endeavors.

—Mitchell Beller, 2017 graduate

It may seem like all the fun is coming to an end or that this wasn’t the sendoff you were hoping for BUT I guarantee that the fun and your life is just beginning. Congratulations and don’t let anything stop you from the great life ahead of you!

—Molly Rose Mayer, 2016 graduate

Audrey Wenski-- Congratulations on your PhD in Pharmacy!! Rock Chalk!

Molly Schwartz

Dear Graduating Jayhawks, Class of 2020, I hope this message reaches you in good health! This is a sad time for many, but an opportunity to reflect on all you have accomplished. Hopefully, in time you will be able to walk the HILL & celebrate your accomplishments without restriction! In the meantime, keep your head held high and know we are all thinking about you, and the sacrifice the class of 2020 made to ensure the safety of everyone! Congratulations Class of 2020, you will never be forgotten! ROCK CHALK

—Monica McGlory, 2014 graduate

Sam Metzler  
To the parents of The KU Class of 2020, I had the opportunity to watch my KU alumni walk the hill 3 years ago and it was an amazing experience for us. The one thing I have learned and hopefully you will too is KU has prepared our children for amazing things to come. Yes their last 2 months on campus were not ideal, but your Jayhawk will always be a proud graduate of KU and take those experiences wherever life may take. So be proud and supportive of all they have achieved and now it’s time for life’s new adventures. From a KU parent of 17 graduate and 21. Rock chalk. 

Nancy Luttinger

Salina Nursing Graduates: You're our light that shines into the future and in the hearts of all those that follow! Congratulations!!

Natasha Busch

My heart goes out to the seniors who never got the send-off they deserve, but one of the great parts about Lawrence is that you're always welcome back with open arms, and just because the graduation weekend was taken from you doesn't mean that your accomplishments are any less valued, or that you are any less deserving to walk through the Campanile and down the hill. You will be a successful class and have many more accomplishments ahead of you, and getting though this just goes to show you're one of the toughest classes to have the honor of being a Jayhawk for life. So, until next time you're back in LFK, Rock Chalk!

—Nathan Hillegas, 2019 graduate

Although your moment looks different than other Jayhawks in the past, your impact to our community and University has never been stronger. Thank you, for all the hard work you have put in and the growth you have had over the years while pursuing your degree. YOU are what makes being a Jayhawk so phenomenal. Rock Chalk!

—Nick Manoogian, 2016 graduate

Congratulations 2020 graduates! You are resilient! Continue to shine!

—Nicole Tann

Congratulations! You have just completed the most unexpected school year ever. Perhaps it is a metaphor for the future. Be flexible, be adaptable and be open to the unexpected. This will help you thrive in the midst of changes that are not yet on the horizon.

—Pam Ekey, 1979 graduate

Whoot!! Whoot!! You Did it!
You Finished!! You Graduated!!
Way to hang in there!!

Now, time to explore the world beyond college - knock on the next doors and keep knocking - the right door will open to lead you to your next chapter. YOU graduated in the middle of a WORLDWIDE Pandemic! So YOU can do anything! Go for it!

Pamela Collins, 1983

Congratulations! You deserve much happiness with your accomplishments in graduating from KU. Your graduating class offers hope and inspiration as leaders of this world. Continue to be bold and true to you heart, and the positive impacts you create will spark the momentum for developing the new greatest generation. Rock Chalk!

—Patricia Bossert

You have worked hard for your degree and you have likely played hard as a Jayhawk, attending football or basketball games, theater and music events on campus or just spending time with other KU students. Even though this year has an unexpected and odd ending, please remember that you have been part of, and will always be part of, a wonderful community as part of the University of Kansas. Whether you walk to receive your diploma or not, you will always be a proud Jayhawk. There is nothing quite like moving far away from Lawrence, KS, and running into other Kansas Jayhawks. There is a special connection that never grows dim with the passing years. Stay strong, be proud of your accomplishments and go out into the world with your new degree. Best wishes for all that lies ahead of you. Congratulations! Rock Chalk, Jayhawk!

Patricia Henderson, 1971 graduate

Congratulations! You have achieved a wonderful accomplishment by receiving your degree from the University of Kansas. Always be proud to be recognized as a Jayhawk. Rock Chalk!!

—Patricia Howell, 1974

Even though it's not the way anyone wanted your time at KU to end, be proud of your accomplishments and continue to look forward to a future with unlimited possibilities!

—Patrick Walker

Congratulations class of 2020! Best wishes for your next adventure!

—Paul and Maria Giffin

Dear Class of 2020, you're graduating from KU in a year like no other, and I know it's been difficult. Hang in there! Deciding to attend KU was one of the best decisions I ever made, and I'm sure being a KU grad will serve you very well in your career. Rock Chalk!

—Paula Haas, 1976

Congratulations Paige S.! Way to go!!

You have been focused, persistent and determined to obtain your graduate degree. You have led the way in meeting every challenge, no matter how hard. You deserve every feeling of pride in your accomplishment! Enjoy the feeling of completion and rest assured in knowing everyone is behind you as you enter the next chapter of your life. You got this, Paige!!

—Phil and Kathryn Sapp

Jayhawks, I know it's sad to not celebrate this huge milestone, but that does not invalidate what you have accomplished! Congratulations on your graduation! Best wishes! RCJH!

—Precious Porras, 2019

My husband, Balaji, and I, both graduated from the KU Graduate School Program in 1998. It’s been 22 years, but not a day has passed that we have not been thankful for the education and empowerment that KU has granted us. Congratulations dear 2020 Graduates of KU, the world is waiting for you, to advance, to lead, to innovate, to succeed….but as you do, always remember to err in the direction of kindness, empathy and integrity!

Preeti Srinivasan, 1998

Kudos to all the new graduates!

This is a tough time, but you still did it. This portrays focus, determination, effort and courage. I hope you all can achieve your further goals in life and set an example for the others - anything is possible even during the tough times! Walking down that hill is an emotion and I’m sure we all will have that emotion no matter how we do it. I have respect and good wishes for all these folks. Rock Chalk Jayhawk!

—Priyanka Saha, 2019 graduate

Stay curious. Stay connected. You’ll always be Jayhawks

—Rachel Bunner, 2016 graduate

Your degree, and what you learned at KU, will carry you so far. Feel pride in your accomplishments and go forth and conquer! You are part of the Jayhawk family, and even though you’ll be leaving the nest on campus, you’re always part of the ‘Hawk flock.

Rachel Smith, 2008

Congratulations on your earning a degree from KU.  The proudest day of my life was when I walked down the hill to receive my BSCE degree.  I was the first from my family to receive a college degree.  I had a long and very interesting as well as rewarding career in my chosen field, namely Environmental Engineering.  I wish you the best and an equally or better interesting and rewarding career.  There are many challenges facing humankind right now and I hope you will be able to use your knowledge and skills to help us meet those challenges as I and others have done who have gone on before you. Godspeed.

Ralph Stephenson, 1963

We are so proud of all you’ve accomplished, and we know everyone is looking forward to a proper celebration ... hopefully very soon!  In the words of Henry David Thoreau, “Go confidently in the direction of your dreams! Live the life you’ve imagined. As you simplify your life, the laws of the universe will be simpler.” - Rock Chalk Jayhawk

—Rebecca Cornelsen

Congratulations Sydney, Alyssa, Grace, Rachel, Shayna, Lauren, Macey, Blaise, Drew, Bella, Lucy and all your fantastic friends!!!!


- remember that!! We love you all!!

—Renee & Brad VanBergen

Congratulations everyone....You have put many hours and much effort into these years at KU to achieve great honors. Now you will put that effort into a New life's adventure. Go out and explore the world and cherish what you have learned and accomplish that great goal you set out for. Great success in life...Way to go class of 2020.

—Renn Metzner

Covid 19 will bring good tidings your way, open up new avenues and great opportunities in no time. Stay positive, stay strong, stand tall.

Hip hip hip hooray!!! Congratulations!!!

#Rockchalk #Jayhawks #Class of 2020

—Rev. Sr. Mary Aloysius Onwuegbuchulam PhD, 2017 graduate


You must be very proud of all your hard work has finally paid off. You’re the one that made it happen. We’re beyond a mix of emotions and happiness to see the next chapter. Congratulations

—Richard Parra

2020 will one for the ages; to be a graduate and miss the traditions is challenging but as you go forward remember:

To accomplish great things, you must not only act, but also keep dreaming, not only plan but Believe!

Congratulations and Rock Chalk!!

—Rick and Darci Todd

Stephen Hawking said, “However difficult life may seem, there is always something you can do and succeed at.”

Bradley Kreuger we are so very proud of you. You have made good choices and been so enthusiastic about your architecture experience. We love you dearly and hope your next chapter is just what you want it to be. You will succeed because you always have!

Rita Kenkins

So proud of all of you graduating Jayhawks! A special shout out to all the FIJI graduates, and their families. A special congratulations to Merrick V. Sorry to miss the legendary walk down the hill.

All our love,

The Hutchison Family

—Rob and Jennifer Hutchison

I am so sorry you will miss the traditional walk down the hill for your graduation - I hope you will be able to at a special event in the future. Congratulations on all your effort, my warmest wishes to you as a graduating Jayhawk!!

Robert Mackenzie, 1975 graduate

Keep your feet on the ground and reach for the stars. Now is the time to dream big and go bigger! Do not be afraid to fail, learn from your efforts. Stay humble as you shine your light on the world. Rock Chalk!

—Robert Phelps, 1993 graduate

This was told to me at my retirement from teaching party six years ago: As you graduate from KU always remember that you are a Jayhawk true and blue. As you move through life you will meet other Jayhawks and hopefully, they will inspire you to be your best self! I know you will do great things! Congratulations! Be proud of yourself!

—Robin Joseph, 1980 graduate

Dear Graduates,
You enter a changed world, and I can think of no better prepared people, thanks to your KU education, to make even more changes for the better. Best wishes for your health and happiness.

Ron Scrogham, 1997 graduate

Congratulations Alexander Gresham!!!

Rosa DeLosSantos

A great lesson I learned was to not be afraid to go sideways. We're taught to always be climbing - moving up the org chart. I once had an opportunity to get a new set of experiences and skills by going sideways. But it filled out a gap in my resume that gave me unbelievable opportunities down the line. So, go sideways sometimes - it's the new experience that will count! Congrats and fly high! Rock Chalk!

Ross Dalton, 1983

Fifty years ago I did not get to walk down the Hill for my graduation due to storms.  I was looking forward to walking down the Hill with you all this year, but a different storm hit.  I will be with you in spirit as an alum.  Rock Chalk!

Russell Sifers, 1970

Congratulations! We've been waiting for you to come out and change the world - and now the world is ready for you. Yes, it's a weird time. But you'll be the ones to lead us out of it. Go get 'em, Jayhawks!

Ryan Butts, 2003

Kansas' state motto, Ad Astra Per Aspera, feels especially important in times like these. You all are stars, Jayhawks. I'm proud of you.

Ryan Camenzind, 2017 graduate

Congratulations on completing this stage of your educational journey. As a member of the Class of 1970 (Pharmacy), I had hoped to join you in the walk down the hill that my class also missed out on experiencing. I hope a future class will invite you to join them. The world is expecting you, so keep moving ahead and make things happen.

Sam Metzler, 1970

Even if you cannot walk down the hill together in numbers, know you are walking down the hill together in spirit. I am so proud of everyone graduating this year. Congratulations and ROCK CHALK!!

—Sam Ritchie, 2018 graduate

You may have left KU, but KU never ever leaves you! Being a Jayhawk is something that I carry with so much pride...18 years after I left the Mount Oread. Cheers to you, Class of 2020! We are all thinking about you...ROCK CHALK!

—Sara Bedwell, 2002 graduate

Congratulations graduating class of 2020. You’ve worked hard to achieve this accomplishment in your life and you deserve recognition. You’ll hold dear the days of constant learning, having friends be close, bopping Mass Street, and growing tremendously throughout your time spent at KU, more than any walk down a hill ever could. Celebrate safely!

—Sara Cruse, 2019

Congratulations to the KU Class of 2020! Now..... go out there, spread your Jayhawk wings and soar to new heights! 

—Sara Goodburn, 1986 graduate

You may not get to walk down the Hill, but you will always be KU Graduates! Your poise through this difficult time will set your positive mindset for life. Rock Chalk!

Sara Laughlin, 2001 graduate

We are so proud of our favorite Jayhawk, Annie W. The class of 2020 will always be a special group of Jayhawks. We wish you all great success! Once a Jayhawk, Always a Jayhawk.

—Sara Weingart, 2016 graduate

Always remember:
You are BRAVER than you believe
STRONGER than you seem &
SMARTER than you think
Congrats and GOD BLESS

—Sarala Victor

Congratulations, Jayhawks! Rock Chalk! Your class leaves Mt. Oread under unimaginable circumstances. No walk down The Hill. No Pomp and Circumstance. No basketball championship. But you did it, and you are stronger, braver and more resourceful for it. You will go far! You will do amazing things. You will forever be a Jayhawk!

Scott Anderson, 2007

Congratulations Class of 2020! Despite the inconvenience that has delayed your walk down the hill, you have achieved the new status of being an alumnus of the greatest University in the USA. Consider yourself a Rare Bird and trust that your love for KU will only grow as you stay connected over your lifetime. Rock Chalk!

—Scott Seyfarth, 1983 graduate

Nobody is perfect, and that is ok. Always believe in yourself and your perseverance will help you succeed. Congratulations to my sweet daughter, Amy. James and I both love you.

Sharon Hibbs

Congratulations Class of 2020 KUMED HIM Graduates!

—Sheila DiJoseph

Congratulations Tatianna and all graduates! Although we're celebrating your accomplishments a little different than we had planned, it doesn't change how proud we are of you! You have worked incredibly hard to achieve your degree and no one can take that away from you. You're a ROCKSTAR for persevering through an unprecedented time in history. Your determination to finish under such stressful conditions will make you stronger and resilient for any curveballs life may throw at you from time to time. You should hold your head high and be as proud as we are of you! We love you!

—Sheila and Gus Rodriguez

No one is more deserving of a walk down the Hill than you all. Biggest congratulations to you all - remember your nest, return to it often, and never forget this unique bird who has set your FREE. Now go change and better your corner of the world.

—Shelbi Polasik, 2016 graduate

You will forever have a home in Lawrence! Come back to visit often!! Good luck and go do amazing things!!

—Shelly Triplett, 1993 graduate

To God Be the Glory on your success Congratulations to all of you!! I pray that your journey in life be blessed with courage, wisdom and knowledge. You all are well deserved of this accomplishment. Keep rising!!!!

—Shenita Boone

Congratulations to all of you and welcome to the greatest group in the country...Alumni of KU! Wishing you success as you begin this incredible new journey. Rock Chalk!

Sheri Hauck

Sami, you have overcome obstacle after obstacle that’s been thrown at you and you never let it stop you from your goals! You are such an amazing, strong woman and I admire you so much! Congratulations on your graduation I am BEYOND proud of you and can’t wait to watch the amazing things you’ll accomplish in your life! You can do anything you set your mind to!

—Simone Elkeles

Congratulations Graduates! I know how long you all have been waiting for this day to come and how hard you all have been working. Despite the current circumstances, you have persevered and run your course, which shows the world and proves to yourself that you can indeed achieve anything you put your mind to. Now is the time for you to choose what comes next. As daunting as it sounds, it's actually quite exciting because it's impossible for you to choose incorrectly or wrong. Anything you do right now is a steppingstone to the many paths that are ahead of you. Transitioning into adulthood will be a process. Trust that it will help you grow and lead you to where you are meant to be. Don't worry about making mistakes or going in the wrong direction, it is NEVER too late to re-route. You're not too old or too young. It is perfect timing when you decide it is. Don't let anyone or anything discourage you or manipulate you into thinking you can't do something or achieve your goals. You absolutely can! Never stop dreaming and believing in them! It's easy to listen to the negative voices in your head or what people tell you whether they are supported by fact and realism or not. Most of the time it is fear and fear will only stop you if you let it. The negative thoughts are irrelevant and will never get you to where you want to be so don't give them any power over you. More than anything, your perspective and mind will determine your success so protect it as much as possible. You are our future. You will lead the way forward. Embrace it. Embrace your path and who you are and allow life to give you the answer if you don't know yet. Remember that everything is working out for you. We believe in you and your dreams with all with our hearts and will help support you as much as we can along the way. You have nothing to lose so reach out. We want to help you and pay it forward when it is your time to lend a helping hand. Go set your goals and go forth and strategize how you will smash them. Return back to KU when you can when you need to remind yourself how far you have come. There will always be alumni or a memory there to motivate you to continue moving forward. KU helped build and mold you into who you are today. Graduates, now you must trust yourself to take the next step. Look forward and take the leap. YOU GOT THIS! ROCK CHALK JAYHAWK!!!

—Stephanie Aristei, 2015 graduate

Congrats and best wishes class of 2020! We are proud of your hard work and excited to see what the future holds for you! We believe in you! RCJH!

—Stephanie Leibengood, 1993 graduate

Congratulations class of 2020! Welcome to an incredible network of Jayhawks spread out all across the world. We're excited to see all of the accomplishments each and every one of you start working towards over your careers!

Special shout out to Kaylie O and Spencer R! We're super proud of you two and can't wait for that Jayhawk wedding!

—Stephen Opskar, 2015 graduate

Leave KU knowing there are still hills to climb. Through your years at KU, you now know what it takes to reach the top.

—Steve Dunlap, 2019 graduate

Way to go Joseph Niederlander! These times are different, but I knew you could do it! Congratulations to you and all the graduates!

—Steve Friend

Best of luck for your future career, continued higher education, or whatever your plans might be! Make us all proud!

—Steven Strukel, 1983 graduate

“It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change.” – Charles Darwin

—Sumiko and Juergen Massey

Congratulations Class of 2020 Graduating Students. You should all be extremely proud of all that you've accomplished and can't wait to see you burst out and claim your place in the world! I believe that in each of you lies a strength deep in your core that will rise up and show itself in so many different ways, to not only get you through this bittersweet time in your lives, but will create a hunger to move forward with intensity to make this world a better place.

—Susan Dent

Congratulations Kaylie O and all graduating seniors. Can’t wait to see what your next chapter holds. Rock Chalk!

Susan Opskar

My family and I are so very sorry that you will not have the Walk Down the Hill that you richly deserve.  Know that we all support you and wish you all the best in your future.  RCJH

—Suzanne Bonney, 1983 graduate

Congrats to all the graduates, especially to our graduate, Eliana H., School of Education. We are so proud of you and we love you so very much. Your students are so lucky to have you!

Suzi Heller

Hope your years at K.U. will bring you as many fond memories as mine do - 62 years later!

—Sylvia Allgaier, 1958 graduate

We are super proud of Macy A. for graduating and a full-time teaching job. She loves helping kids. Good luck in your new adventures. Mom and Dad

—Tara Ahlers

Congratulations on your significant achievement!  Regardless of the current global situation, you have persevered and succeeded.  Best of luck with your career and Rock Chalk Jayhawk! Taylor and Lisa Burch

Taylor Burch, 1990

CONGRATULATIONS Nicole! We are so proud of you! We love you, Mom, Dad, Chris & Tulo! :)

—Teresa Downs

Congratulations! Be strong and know that as an alumnus of such a great university success will always be a part of you no matter the circumstances. My thoughts and prayers for health and happiness going forward. Rock Chalk Jayhawk! Go KU!

Teresa Green, 1983

As you leave KU and venture out into the world, know that there will always be Jayhawks to support you. You are part of the KU legacy, and we take care of each other. Good luck and Rock Chalk, graduates!

—Terri Burtin, 1988

Congratulations on the significant accomplishment of graduating from KU!! You had the confidence in yourself to take on this challenge away from friends and family and conquered with flying colors.  Because of your dedication and commitment you have set yourself up for great things going forward. Cherish the time you had in Lawrence and embrace the bright future ahead. You are forever a Jayhawk!!!

—Terry Rogers

Graduating from law school so I feel your excitement! Rock Chalk!

—Thomas Garvey, 2015 graduate

KU Class of 2020, you have demonstrated the determination and spirit to overcome any challenges that come your way. Keep the KU fires burning brightly as you continue your journey as Jayhawks forever.

—Tim Buckley, 1988 graduate

Dear Class of 2020,

Our hearts go out to every single one of you as your college years draw to a close. We are so sorry that you will not get to experience all the pomp and circumstance that you deserve on this day. You have earned it and COVID has taken it away. You will persevere, however, as without knowing or wanting to are stronger because of these circumstances. You have learned a valuable lesson that life can come at you out of left field sometimes and you cannot control everything that happens. Having been a KU graduate myself, I know the thrill of walking down the Campanile with your very best friends all decked out in your cap and gown to celebrate all your hard work. I hope you find a memorable way to still feel proud of all you have accomplished.

Congratulations and best wishes for this next chapter in your lives. One that I hope brings you health and happiness, a great job and a great story to tell your grandchildren!

Godspeed to all of you!

—Tim and Jane Dolan, 1985 graduates

Kids, young adults, Jayhawks, Congratulations on your graduation from a truly wonderful university! I know well how fun and how hard the college experience can be, from friendships to classes you loved, from difficulties and classes you didn't love, to walking on Jayhawk Boulevard, and Mass Street, to days at Clinton lake and Lonestar, your memories will be with you all your life. Welcome to the not-so-real world! College is very real after all, just different from what you embark on now. When you get a chance to walk down the hill after things have returned to something more like they were a few months ago I hope to stand on that hill and give you my applause. You will be forever the graduating class that didn't ...until later. You have a memory of your university career that none of the rest of us will have. So, congratulations class of '20! You've joined alumni worldwide and we welcome you!

—Tom Miller, 1987 graduate

For those who left the comforts of the cheese capital of the US to pursue your dreams in the land of Oz, we wish you a future full of fun, adventure and great success! You are all in our hearts and we wish you the best.

Tony & Cheree Vohs

This is just the beginning. We are so proud of your resilience and determination and inspired by what your creative and passionate leadership means for our future. In the long run you hit only what you aim at...aim at something high. (Henry David Thoreau)

—Traci Wolf

This is not how this achievement was supposed to end. There are so many pieces of your senior year that you have now sacrificed. Do not let those sacrifices diminish what you have accomplished, or what you will continue to achieve in your lives. We are thankful that our son found a family and home at KU.

Our thoughts, prayers, and well wishes go with you in this next journey. Congratulations KU class of 2020! Sincerely, The Kapaun Family in celebration of Brennen's graduation!

—Tracie Kapaun

Frances Foster quote

Even though you're not getting the immediate celebration and recognition you deserve, your achievement is no less significant. Just know your loved ones couldn't be any prouder of you. Congratulations Class of 2020! Rock Chalk Jayhawk! Go KU!

Tracy Neff

You have accomplished so much during your time at KU; making friends, juggling school and your social life, studying, doing laundry, budgeting your money and learning how to become an adult. There’s a lot to learn and you’ve done it. You deserve all the accolades and recognition for the hard work and determination that it takes to get to this day. We are proud of you. Now go out there and make a difference. Rock Chalk Jayhawk!

—Tracy Smith

I’m sorry that you did not experience the KU tradition of walking down the hill and the hooding ceremony. I wish everyone the best of luck in the future and congratulations on a job well done!!! You did it!!!!

—Trashelle Miro, 2017 graduate

Congratulations to the Jayhawk Class of 2020! Your perseverance and strength during this remarkable time will carry you far in the world. There is hope for the future because of you. Rock Chalk!

Valerie Gieler, 1996

Best wishes and good luck to the class of 2020 for all your future endeavors and adventures.  Never give up. Stay Focus and Positive.  Be innovative and creative. Learn, Grow, Succeed!

Venkoba Sah Pawar Narayana Sah

This is your class’s Depression, Pearl Harbor, Vietnam,  911, and Recession, all rolled into one giant, slow motion tragedy. You and your peers are charged with not just surviving this crisis, but triumphing. Your education gives you the tools to do so. Your character gives you the resolve to literally save humanity. At some future reunion, when you all are free to finally walk down the Hill, the whole world will be watching. And cheering.

—Victor Barry, 1968

Though this year graduation may look and feel different than in previous years, know your education and perseverance has prepared you for an ever-changing world. You will do great things. Congrats!

—Victoria Sickinger, 2012 graduate

You were built Rock Chalk Strong, so many are proud of you!

—Victoria Walsey-Honanie, 2019 graduate

Walking down the hill is a memorable experience, and I hope that you get to do that, even if by yourself, someday when you return to Lawrence. Fortunately, the education that you have received at KU will stand you in good stead no matter where you go from here. Wishing you the best of luck in all your endeavors while you stay safe.

Virginia Wulfkuhle, 1969 graduate

As this journey ends a new one has begun.
This is a life lesson one chapter closes another begins. Time after time you will wonder what the next step is believe me the page will always turn to the next chapter. Sometimes you just have to write it. Congratulations Class of 2020 Rock Chalk! And a Special congratulations to my daughter Bailey B. you got this!!!

Wendy Batcheller

Congratulations to Olivia R. and the rest of the 2020 class!?? Olivia we are so proud of what you’ve accomplished and can’t wait to see your next chapter unfold!

—Wendy Reyes

Sorry this won't be a normal graduation, but keep going after your dreams! Proud of the class of 2020. Rock Chalk!

—Wes Evans, 1989 graduate

The sharpness of most memories will dim, and many will disappear; the meaning of a few, including your commencement, will always remain.

—William Pendergrass, 1959 graduate

Our Dearest Toni T.: Congratulations on achieving this major milestone in your life! Remember to keep God in your life and continue to walk in your purpose (Isaiah 55:10-12). We are so proud of you, and we can't wait to see what's next for you. Love Always, Mom, Dad, and Krysten.

—Wualanda Thenstead

Congrats to Michael S!!! I am proud of you.. and hopefully see you soon.

—Xiaoming Yu