Celebrating 20 years of civil discourse and bipartisan perspective

The Robert J. Dole Institute of Politics is unique among political institutions because it emphasizes the importance of bipartisanship, respect for other points of view and civil discourse. The Dole Institute, dedicated in 2003, is modeled on a presidential library, including museum galleries and the Dole Archive and Special Collections. It is located on KU’s West Campus.
“During our 20th anniversary year, the Dole Institute continues to distinguish itself as a unique and much-needed forum for civil discussion and bipartisan perspective on politics, policy, and leadership,” says Director Audrey Coleman.
Your gift will help us continue to celebrate public service and the legacies of U.S. Senators Bob Dole and Elizabeth Dole through free public programming, educational outreach, civic engagement, and student leadership opportunities.

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Sheri Hamilton