Staff Directory


C.J. Alam

Facilities Manager 785-832-7354

Krista Allen

Development Director, KU Cancer Center 913-562-2709

Lydia Allen

Associate Development Director 913-562-2722

Abbey Ambrose

Assistant Director, Corporate & Foundation Development 785-832-7468

Linda Anderson

Senior Accounting Associate 785-832-7311

Michael Arp

Development Director and Team Leader, School of Engineering 785-832-7410

Katie Asbury

Development Administrator, School of Medicine–Wichita 316-293-2601

Robin Atchity

Development Administrator, Medical Development 913-562-2714

Kelsey Barnes

Scholarship Liaison & Loan Program Support Specialist 785-832-7366

Diana Beisner

Account Services Representative 785-832-7314

Becci Blaesing

Vice President, Medical Development 913-562-2701

Lori Blaylock

Senior Director, Prospect Information Management 785-832-7337

Hannah Bolton

Associate Development Director, School of Business 785-832-7462

Paul Borchardt

Assistant Controller 785-832-7305

Jodi Bouyack

Senior Writer 785-832-7398

Kirsten Boyd

Associate Director, Gift Processing 785-832-7434

Laurie Bristol

Senior Accounting Associate 785-832-7346

Beth Bucklin

Associate Development Director, Scholarship Support 785-832-7477

Cara Burris

Graphic Designer 785-832-7338

Susan Burton

Vice President and Controller 785-832-7303

Jane Butterfield

Gift Processing Associate 785-832-7349

David Byrd-Stadler

Assistant Director, Corporate & Foundation 785-832-7308

Mary Carpenter

Prospect Management Coordinator 785-832-7355

LaRisa Chambers

Senior Development Director, Alumni Association 785-832-7483

Dee Cheek

Part-time Document Imaging Specialist 785-830-7539

Tirzah Chesky

Development Assistant 785-832-7350

Ellen Chindamo

Senior Director, Donor Relations 785-832-7374

James Clarke

Senior Vice President, Investments and Treasurer 785-832-7323

Stacey Collicott

Gift Processing Associate 785-832-7489

Laurie Comstock

Director, Special Projects 785-832-7445

Rosalyn Conley

Senior Accounting and Cash Control Associate 785-832-7356

Karla Cordes

Development Administrator 785-832-7382

Katherine Corliss

Development Assistant 913-562-2705

Jesse Cortez

Assistant Facilities Manager 785-832-7498

Gail Courtwright

Development Coordinator, Corporate and Foundation Development 785-832-7335

Lindsay Crick

Development Administrator, School of Education, School of Journalism & Mass Communications and School of Law 785-832-7474

Clark Cropp

Senior Vice President, Administration and Chief Operating Officer 785-832-7331

Emily Darling

Director, Advancement Board 913-562-2707

Jerome Davies

Executive Vice President, Development 785-832-7460

David Decker

Senior Director, Annual Giving 785-832-7447

Michelle Derusseau

Matching Gift Records Coordinator 785-832-7429

Athena Devers

Financial Accounting Associate II 785-832-7307

Kathy Douglas

Executive Assistant, Administration 785-832-7438

Michele Ediger

Receptionist 785-832-7301

Whitney Escalante

Development Director and Team Lead, Scholarship Support 785-832-7463

Janet Fredendall

Loans Program Administrator 785-832-7448

Yvonne Garcia

Property and Mineral Interest Specialist 785-832-7436

Terri Gibbs

Receptionist 785-832-7400

Valerie Gieler

Publications Manager 785-832-7347

Rhonda Gillespie

Senior Special Events Coordinator 785-832-7403

Sandy Gilliland

Senior Human Resources Associate 785-832-7484

Brian Godinez

Facilities Assistant III 785-830-7554

Bill Green

Senior Vice President, Information Systems and Services 785-832-7406

Elizabeth Greer

Administrative Assistant and Receptionist, Medical Development 913-562-2700

Ronda Grogan

Application Programmer II 785-832-7405

Ary Guerrero

Development Officer, College of Liberal Arts & Sciences 785-832-7370

Tyler Habiger

Mail Campaign Coordinator 785-832-7453

Sheri Hamilton

Associate Development Director, Dole Institute 785-832-7454

Tari Hamlin

Gift Processing Associate 785-832-7416

Troy Heidner

Network and Security Analyst 785-832-7391

Mary Heier

Gift Processing Assistant 785-832-7387

Jo Ann Hensley

Senior Accounting Associate 785-832-7312

Chris Hepp

Development Director, Major Gifts 785-832-7417

Gretchen Hess

Development Officer, School of Medicine 913-562-2719

Christi Hinkle

Executive Assistant to the President 785-832-7339

Yukiko Hino

Development Director, School of Health Professions 913-562-2718

David Holland

Help Desk Technician 785-832-7320

Pamela Holloway

Senior Gift Processing Associate 785-832-7527

Sarah Humbert

Development Assistant, School of Business and Alumni Association 785-832-7455

Lindsay Hummer

Development Director, School of Architecture and Design 785-832-7428

Gretchen Hundley

Senior Applications Administrator 785-832-7414

Grace Hutchins

Account Services Representative 785-832-7384

Austin Ice

Development Officer, Engineering 785-832-7375

Susan Kang

Director, Development Recruitment 785-832-7309

Everett Keener

Senior Applications Administrator 785-832-7459

Kevin Kelly

Director, Chancellors Club 785-832-7408

Allison Kelly

Part-time Assistant, Annual Giving 785-832-7385

Michael Kennedy

Gift Processing Assistant 785-832-7422

Brent Lamb

Assistant Vice President, Information Systems 785-832-7310

Sophie Lamb

Development Director, School of Pharmacy 785-832-7476

Ashley Landis

Senior Development Administrator, Donor Relations 785-832-7412

Linda Lang

Senior Development Research Analyst 785-832-7442

Sharon Lange

Senior Accounting Associate 785-832-7427

Valerie Leach

Financial Accountant 785-832-7345

Monica Lemmons

Senior Development Administrator, University Development, Gift Planning and Athletic Support 785-832-7433

Jordan Lisher

Planning and Implementation Coordinator 785-832-7379

Allison Long

Assistant Vice President, Human Resources 785-832-7365

Nell Lucas

Associate Vice President, Medical Development 913-562-2712

Lauren Luhrs

Development Director, School of Law 785-832-7321

Rosita Elizalde-McCoy

Senior Vice President, Communications and Marketing 785-832-7336

Dan Malanowski

Development Director, School of Music, Lied Center 785-832-7467

Minda Mason

Assistant Vice President, Medical Development 913-562-2721

Melinda Maygers

Senior Gift Processing Associate 785-832-7342

Suzanne Mayse

Loan Program Coordinator and Sr. Document Imaging Specialist 785-832-7469

Jim Mechler

Associate Senior Vice President, Development 785-832-7328

Sarah Meiers

Senior Art Director 785-832-7449

Scott Mercer

Technical Services Administrator 785-832-7457

Sherri Meredith

Part-time Gift Processing Clerk 785-832-7360

Laura Meyer

Development Director, School of Social Welfare, Libraries 785-832-7372

Teresa Mock

Director, Account Services 785-832-7302

Andy Morrison

Assistant Vice President, Gift Planning 785-832-7327

Kim Mosher

Information Services Assistant 785-832-7343

Jen Mulsow

Development Coordinator, Advancement Board and Neurosciences 913-562-2706

Bridget Murphy

Senior Development Administrator, School of Engineering and School of Pharmacy 785-832-7376

Kelly Watson Muther

Development Director and Team Lead, School of Business 785-832-7421

Beth Nettels

Development Research Analyst 785-832-7369

Lisa Nevins

Associate Development Director, Education 785-832-7464

Terry Newland

Assistant Manager, Facilities 785-832-7456

Stacy Nuss

Vice President, Investments and Assistant Treasurer 785-832-7419

Mary O'Brien

Manager, Loan Programs and Document Imaging 785-832-7344

David Ochoa

Development Director and Team Lead, School of Medicine 913-562-2704

Sue Ohlmacher

Director, Development Research 785-830-7530

Amanda Painter

Asst. Director, New Constituent Development 785-832-7432

Taniqua Palmer

Mail & Online Gifts Coordinator 785-832-7333

Molly Paugh

Assistant Director, Donor Relations 785-832-7319

Peggy Person

Senior Development Director, School of Nursing 913-562-2713

Bonnie Petz

Financial Accounting & Reporting Manager 785-832-7373

Aimee Polson

Senior Gift Planning Administrator 785-832-7329

Susan Randolph

Development Administrator, School of Medicine 913-562-2716

Susan Reilly

Senior Development Director, School of Engineering 785-832-7351

Matt Rhea

Development Director, School of Medicine 913-562-2711

Robin Richmond

Account Service Associate 785-832-7364

Jessie Riedel

Assistant Director, Telephone Campaigns 785-832-7381

Jessica Roberts

Senior Associate Director, Annual Giving 785-832-7423

Randall Roberts

Development Director, KU Cancer Center 913-562-2702

Darlene Rogers

Exectutive Assistant, Development 785-832-7415

Brad Rukes

Development Director, School of Medicine–Wichita 316-293-2641

Kathy Sanders

Assistant Vice President, Gift Processing 785-832-7402

Linda Schimmel

Senior Gift Processing Associate 785-832-7316

Gene Schimmel

Technical Support Specialist 785-832-7367

Susan Schmidtberger

Development Assistant, Scholarships, Major Gifts 785-832-7452

Chris Sellon

Application Programmer II 785-832-7393

Dale Seuferling

President 785-832-7334

Kristin Shore

Associate Development Director, Gift Planning 785-832-7341

Marlys Shulda

Associate Development Director, School of Journalism 785-832-7352

Victoria Sickinger

Digital Media Strategist 785-832-7358

Adam Sikes

Development Director, Athletic Support 785-832-7486

Dan Simon

Senior Development Director and Team Lead, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences 785-832-7378

Dia Simons

Prospect Management Coordinator 785-832-7395

Jess Skinner

Senior Director, Special Events 785-832-7475

Paula Sloan

Assistant to Vice President and Assistant Vice Presidents, Development 785-832-7473

Dale Slusser

Associate Vice President, Constituent Development 785-832-7458

Sam Snider

Investment Analyst 785-832-7324

Monte Soukup

Senior Vice President, Property Management 785-832-7435

Keeley Stalnaker

Application Programmer 785-832-7317

Conor Taft

Development Officer, College of Liberal Arts & Sciences 785-832-7386

Michelle Tevis

Senior Editor, Media Relations 785-832-7363

Debbie Thompson

Development Administrator 785-832-7361

Kristen Toner

Assistant Vice President, Development 785-832-7357

Ryan Toner

Director, Investments 785-832-7326

Zachary Towns

Assistant Director, Prospect Management 785-832-7396

Debbie Turner

Assistant Director, Human Resources 785-832-7418

Brooke Unruh

Communications Administrator 785-832-7478

Donna Valdivia-Wofford

Human Resources Assistant 785-832-7330

Reyna Valenzuela

Facilities Assistant 785-832-7371

Cheryl Wagner

Senior Administrator, Donor Relations 785-832-7409

Jen Walker

Senior Graphic Designer 785-832-7413

Bridgett Walthall

Renewal Programs Coordinator 785-832-7404

Cindy Wangerin

Investment Reporting Specialist 785-832-7437

Lindsey Warner

Database Reporting Coordinator 785-832-7318

Judy Wedermyer

Investment Operations Specialist 785-832-7325

Shelly Whisler

Senior Financial Accounting Associate 785-832-7306

Bridget White

Assistant Vice President, Loan Programs, Scholarship Administration, and Document Imaging 785-832-7439

Marty White

Senior Account Services Representative 785-832-7313

Mary Jo Williams

Manager, Medical Center Operations 913-562-2710

Mark Wilson

Assistant Vice President, Campaign Planning and Management 785-832-7411

Brandon Woodard

Associate Development Director, College of Liberal Arts & Sciences 785-832-7397

Lorie Worner

Assistant Vice President, University Development 785-832-7340

Scott Zerger

Senior Director, Corporate and Foundation Development 785-832-7426