How to Make a Payment

You can make a payment to your KU Endowment loan in several ways by either contacting the Loan Office directly or setting up a payment through your online account. Your account will automatically be set up for an e-bill reminder when your loan enters repayment.  You may also opt to have a monthly paper statement sent to you, along with your e-bill reminder. Cosigners will only receive a paper statement if the account become delinquent.

ACH payments: These can be recurring ACH payments or a single ACH payment.

Please note: if an ACH payment is set up on your account, no monthly statement will be generated and mailed.

Pay by credit card: Call the KU Endowment Loan Office at (785) 832-7450 to make a payment using a credit card.

Mail a check: If you prefer to mail a check please include your account number (student ID) on your check.

Please mail your payments to the following address:

KU Loan Endowment Loan Office
c/o Education Computer Systems, Inc.
P.O. Box 718
Wexford, PA  15090

Your payment will be applied to your account in the following order:
  1. Fees (Late Fees, NSF Fees, and collection fees if applicable)
  2. Past Due Interest
  3. Past Due Principal
  4. Current Interest
  5. Current Principal
For questions regarding your KU Endowment loan payment, contact the KU Endowment Loan Office.