Deep Roots

Few places are more cherished than the home where your children grew up, farmland that has nourished generations, or woods explored on quiet walks with a grandparent. Many of these treasured landmarks are now carrying on their historical legacy by supporting the people, programs and places that make the University of Kansas unique.

Over the years, donors have given numerous homes, businesses and thousands of acres of farmland to benefit KU. Through the income they have provided, these gifts have transformed our campuses, opened doors for students, sparked innovation and contributed to society. Some parcels provided the foundation for the campus — 86 percent of its land holdings were provided by donors. Others contributed to the beautiful landscape or became part of protected conservation fields.

We are profoundly connected to the land. KU Endowment was established in 1891 in order to accept a gift of real estate — the plot where Memorial Stadium now stands. A few years later, Charles Robinson, the first governor of Kansas, bequeathed his farm north of Lawrence to the university. This area is now part of the KU Field Station, which covers nearly 3,700 acres. Managed by the Kansas Biological Survey, the Field Station uses it for environmental research, education and stewardship. 

Today, KU Endowment manages more than 45,000 acres of farmland across the state and approximately 1,000 mineral interests. Farm and mineral interest income supports some 19 scholarship funds. KU would not be the same place today without the Kansas soil and generous support of donors.


To learn how a gift of real estate could benefit KU, contact Monte Soukup at 785-832-7435 or