Sending out an SOS

KU students facing unexpected challenges have a new place to turn for help on campus. Launched through efforts of the KU Office of Diversity & Equity, Jayhawk Student One Stop (SOS) is an innovative support program to connect students with resources during troubling times.

Led by Mauricio Gómez Montoya and located in the Sabatini Multicultural Resource Center, Jayhawk SOS serves as a student advocate; offers personalized counseling; provides inclusive and accessible support practices; assists students with their academic goals; and supports the retention and graduation goals of the university. 

Gómez Montoya works alongside students facing difficulties, helps them navigate university policies and practices, and taps into the expertise of campus and community partners who can deliver solutions or answers to their problems. 

“Supporting our students academically, financially and emotionally is so important,” said Gómez Montoya. “We want to help remove any obstacles to their success.”

Students who reach out to Jayhawk SOS are already in crisis, so the team needs to be able to move fast to address their issues. One of Gómez Montoya’s goals is having the ability to grant time-sensitive gifts to those in need. “Creating a specific fund for emergencies would be so helpful,” he said.

“Although it is challenging keeping a positive attitude in the midst of troubling situations, it’s so rewarding to receive a thank you note from a student you’ve helped or see a student return to their normal routine.” 

The Solon E. Summerfield Foundation provided the initial funding for Jayhawk SOS.