THERE ARE PEOPLE WE MEET IN OUR CAREERS WHO ARE UNFORGETTABLE. They have extraordinary talents that set them apart, and we know they’re going to move on to greater things. 

Bill Redlin is one of these people. I met Bill when I joined KU’s University Relations Department in 1977 as a young broadcaster. He was news director for KANU, the Lawrence public radio affiliate, and I looked up to him — to me, he was awe-inspiring. He was the consummate broadcast journalist, using his deep voice to provide listeners not just the news, but stories with context and thoughtful detail. 


After working at KANU from 1971 to 1981, Bill was recruited away for a prestigious position in Washington, D.C.

Years later, I met his wife, Nina, at KU-related events. Intelligent and engaging, Nina is unforgettable in her own right. She warms up any room with her smile.

Like many alumni, the Redlins formed lifelong connections at KU and leveraged their experiences here into successful careers. They have led interesting lives and have become loyal donors — you can read more about their life story here.

Countless alumni have arrived on Mount Oread as young people with potential; their KU educations and experiences have catapulted them into rewarding careers. They represent the best of the Jayhawk spirit — down-to-earth, hard-working and competent. They can stand up to any challenge, anywhere and show the world the quality of a KU education. 

That is what motivates most KU alumni to give back to their alma mater. It’s a memory of making friends in a collegiate setting with outstanding faculty. But most of all, it’s a feeling of gratitude for a life transformed and the desire to lift others so they can improve their own lives.

Each of us has a memorable story of coming to this university in the middle of the Heartland. Regardless of our background, our field of work or where we live, we recognize what the University of Kansas has meant in our lives. It’s a bond that connects us and makes us proud to be called Jayhawks.