Chancellors Club Scholar: Katherine Riedel

Each year, the Chancellors Club honors 16 National Merit finalists with renewable scholarships. Without donor support, these awards wouldn’t be possible. Meet the students who received these scholarships and how it has impacted their education.

1. What is your passion?

I’m really interested in leadership and working with groups of people to achieve a singular goal. I’ve always really enjoyed leading people, and this was a big part of my decision to major in business and engineering.

2. What do your scholarships mean to you?

My scholarships have allowed me to afford a four-year college. I’m the third child in my family to attend college and I’ve always known it was going to be my responsibility to pay for the majority of my education. My scholarships are a source of constant encouragement to perform as well as I can in my classes.

3. What are your hobbies and interests outside of class?

I taught myself to play ukulele this year! I’m a resident assistant in Ellsworth Hall, and one of my residents let me borrow his ukulele until I was able to get my own. It’s really relaxing to be able to come home from class and sit down and play ukulele and sing to de-stress from the day. 

4. What do you love about KU?

I love the sunsets at KU! My friends like to point out how I will go out of my way just to watch the sunset. One of the best spots is actually the top level of the parking garage next to the Kansas Union. There’s a great view of Memorial Stadium and the Campanile.

Katherine Riedel