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This recognition is not just for me, but also for my mentees and the people in my lab. I believe that successful mentoring pairings are reciprocal relationships, for I learn as much — if not more — from mentees as they learn from me.

Shrikant Anant, 2017 Chancellors Club Research Award Recipient

Tom and Teresa Walsh Professor of Cancer Prevention, Kansas Mason Professor for Cancer Research, Department of Cancer Biology Chair

Anant is a leading researcher in the biology of cancer, cancer prevention and new therapies.

He helped develop a new drug to treat bladder cancer that is positioned to go to clinical trials. He also has developed several cutting-edge research projects to study cancer tumors.




Teaching, broadly defined, has been my life for 45 years. To be singled out in this respect is very emotional. People talk about being honored and humbled, and those words just can’t describe how important this is.

Edwin Webster Hecker Jr., 2017 Chancellors Club Teaching Award Recipient

Centennial Teaching Professor, Co-director, Polsinelli Transactional Law Center

Hecker, who goes by Webb, personifies teaching as encompassing not only classroom teaching and mentoring, but putting students first in everything he does. His focus is on business law, including mergers and acquisitions. He has received numerous honors for excellence in teaching and advising throughout his career.