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When we give, we become part of something greater.

We forge our mark. We give our time, effort, passion, inspiration and funds to lift up our own. And with these contributions, others can join us at the top of the Hill. The Women Philanthropists for KU are focused on engaging and educating women and the community about the University of Kansas. We encourage women to make a difference at KU through their philanthropy and leadership.

When we give, we forge the future.

Women were among the earliest influencers and benefactors of the University of Kansas. Women’s voices matter, and the Women Philanthropists for KU was formed in 2004 by a group of visionary women who knew this to be true. Our advisory board is composed of leaders of diverse ages, backgrounds, interests and geographic locations. We find new ways to address the interests of women while hosting events designed to highlight important programs and initiatives to connect people with areas of excellence at the University of Kansas.

When we give, we raise each other to new heights.

The Women Philanthropists for KU strive to cultivate success, and to uplift and support the leaders of tomorrow. Created and supported by the Women Philanthropists for KU, the KU Women for KU Women Fund provides grants for women who are KU seniors and graduate students experiencing financial hardship. These grants enable women to strive for success and accomplish their dreams. The fund is administered through the Emily Taylor Center for Women and Gender Equity.

When we give, we have a seat at the table. Join us!

We stand proud of our accomplishments and uplift those still making the climb. We invite you to join with the Women Philanthropists for KU and others who are committed to learn about and support exciting and interesting areas of the University of Kansas.

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For more information, please contact us at wp4ku@kuendowment.org. If you are interested in attending our events or learning more about Women Philanthropists for KU, please fill out our form.