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  • A vision for the School of Social Welfare

    Our vision is an audacious one: changing social work practice and social policy to support greater dignity, respect and empowerment for the people and communities served by the social work profession. We challenge our students to think critically and dig deeper to understand the underlying causes and human costs of social problems and to advocate for needed change. We use our research expertise to discover better ways to address critical problems in our communities and to empower organizations that keep our communities responsive to human rights and aspirations.

    Campaign Priorities
    • Increase support for student scholarships, retention initiatives
      and study abroad classes
    • Expand doctoral research and support for doctoral students
    • Invest in the Dean’s Opportunity Fund
    • Promote research by providing assistantships and support for
      infrastructure development
    • Attract talented scholars by increasing support for endowed
      and visiting professorships
    • Bring research findings to the practice community through
      lectures and conferences

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