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    Inquiring minds

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    Inquiring minds

    This year, KU’s annual Undergraduate Research Awards are giving 48 inquisitive students the funding necessary to support original, independent research. The current award recipients have tackled a wide array of research projects. A few examples:

    Engineering Physics: Caleb Michael Christianson, sophomore, is working to develop a biosensor probe just one-fifth to one-third the diameter of a human hair but strong enough to be implanted in tissue, for research related to disorders of the central nervous system.

    Humanities, Linguistics and Music Composition: Jason Evan Charney, senior, is creating an original composition for a chamber ensemble in two movements inspired by energy from the twilight periods of dawn and dusk.

    Psychology: Mary Zinnanti Pisciotta, senior, pursues an understanding of the role war memorials play in shaping individual feelings of nationalism and other attitudes, such as support for military spending and U.S. intervention abroad.

    Design: Riley D. Griffith, senior, aims to develop a radically new design for a dental chair that better serves the health and comfort of dental professionals.

    Electrical Engineering: Angela Ndhuya Oguna, senior, has focused on identifying technologies that municipal utilities could use to improve their performance and lower customer utility costs.

    The University Honors Program administers the research awards, in part with unrestricted private donations to KU Endowment’s Greater KU Fund. This financial support opens the door for promising students who aspire to pursue their passions.