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    The KU School of Music is the flagship for advanced musical training in Kansas and the Central United States. While perpetuating the traditions of great music making, we look forward to innovations in music creation in today’s rapidly evolving society. As a comprehensive music school, we are committed to promoting excellence in a broad array of music specializations.

    In pursuing our vision, the School of Music will be an ever-increasing resource for Kansas and beyond. We are committed to engage and partner with educators and practitioners to raise the awareness and application of music, enriching the lives of people of all ages. Through the music we make and share worldwide, the School of Music extends KU’s comprehensive reputation of excellence ... because excellence matters!

    Campaign priorities

    With its many programs and specializations, the School of Music has some urgent needs that patrons can address in meaningful ways. Unrestricted gifts allow maximum flexibility in addressing continuing needs that might otherwise go unsupported. Donors with passions for particular specializations (opera, marching band, etc.) can direct gifts to these programs. Your support for the School of Music assists KU musicians in realizing goals that would not otherwise be possible. Just as gifts are needed for scholarships and fellowships, donations for musical instruments and other priorities improve the musical experience for students, faculty and patrons alike.

    Every year, the School of Music misses opportunities to attract talented students because we lack adequate scholarship and fellowship resources to compete with other institutions. Your support will assist in bringing these students to KU, raising the overall quality of experiences for all students. Likewise, support for the renovation of Swarthout Recital Hall or the acquisition of new pianos and other musical instruments will enhance the learning and performance possibilities for students and faculty.

    Your support for the School of Music will help to raise our collective standard of excellence. With your partnership, we can, and will, realize our vision of being the region’s most outstanding training center and resource for musical excellence. Here is how your gift will help to address broader visionary priorities established for KU:

    Improve student success and expand opportunities

    Music is among the most competitive professions in which to find employment. Support for scholarships/fellowships will allow students to study and practice more, rather than working to pay for school. Students can be more competitive in auditions and job searches after their studies are complete. Your support will provide students more “professional world” experiences, as well as help to produce a more appealing musical product, whether in our athletic bands or on stage.

    Prepare leaders for Kansas and beyond

    The study of music integrates analytical thinking, group collaboration, individual expression and spontaneous creativity — all building blocks for leadership. Many students who earn music degrees find career paths in disciplines outside of, or only tangentially related to, music. An investment in musical study at KU helps prepare tomorrow’s leaders.

    Drive discovery, outreach and innovation

    Music will always be a vehicle for expressing what words alone cannot communicate. As we have moved from the player piano to Edison recordings, from vinyl LPs to 8-track tapes, and now to CDs and digital technology, including interactive music on the Internet, the School of Music searches for new ways to create and share music. Your support allows KU to stay abreast of the latest innovations and to explore possibilities that will change the musical world.

    Emerge as a top-tier international research university

    The School of Music is raising the bar of excellence and achievement within the greater musical community. To enhance our reputation, attract and retain the brightest students and most outstanding faculty, and fulfill lofty institutional aspirations, the school is uniquely positioned to carry KU’s reputation of excellence to the world. Thank you for supporting music as a fundamental experience for future generations of students at KU.

    Far Above offers an unprecedented opportunity for donors to help elevate and enrich academic excellence in the School of Music, and to enhance a powerful resource for discovery that will benefit citizens in Kansas and beyond for many generations to come. Thank you for partnering with us to realize this vision.

    School of Music

    The KU Saxophone Quartet 1, directed by Vince Gnojek, performs at Roosevelt Elementary School in McPherson, Kan. Outreach performance is one of the many ways KU School of Music shares its talents with Kansans.

    Before Jason Charney earned his bachelor's degree in composition and theory in 2012, he was already nationally known for composing electronic music using his computer and iPhone.