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    The KU School of Architecture, Design and Planning is positioned for extraordinary opportunity based on collaborative scholarship and creative problem solving across our broad spectrum of design and planning programs. The school is poised both to enhance its strong traditions and national reputation and to contribute significantly to KU’s success. At a time when innovation, collaboration and engagement are emphasized across campus, the school offers a culture of innovation inherent in our disciplines and growing opportunities for interaction among our students and faculty. We are defined by creativity with practicality, global outlook, professional understanding and competency, and advanced inquiry and investigation.

    Campaign Priorities

    Enhance student success and expand opportunities

    To recruit tomorrow’s leaders in our fields, we must position ourselves to compete for talented students. Increased scholarships and research fellowships are critical. We are determined to lower the financial burden on many students who must rely on loans to finance their professional education. Support for internships will enable more students to hone their skills in the professional world before graduation. We want to expand our study abroad programs. Adding new locations, for example in South America, will ensure our presence in locations of economic strength and inspiring culture.

    Student success derives from the highest level of instruction possible in the classroom and studio. Increased support for faculty, in the form of professorships, will allow us to recruit and retain top instructors.

    Prepare leaders for Kansas and beyond

    The school already is known for the leadership potential of its graduates. They enter the professions with exceptional understanding and practical application of the design and planning process. We intend to expand opportunities for students by building upon our hands-on experiences and exposure to professional situations. Likewise, our growing international presence places students across the globe, preparing them to tackle the challenges of an increasingly interconnected world.

    Drive discovery, outreach and innovation

    We will continue to nurture our design/build programs, which position the school and university as leaders in the design and construction of highly sustainable residences and commercial spaces. Our Center for Design Research brings academic schools, commercial companies and municipalities together in interdisciplinary studies. The center’s research will result in innovative products and services related to health care, transportation, the use and generation of energy, and more. Advanced technology, such as virtual three- dimensional modeling, will position our students and faculty as leaders in design research and will prepare our students to bring increased innovation to practice.

    Emerge as a top-tier international research university

    Increased research funding will provide resources for our faculty and students to pursue their interests more aggressively, leading to discoveries and solutions with wide application. For example, our faculty is currently engaged in interdisciplinary research that will simulate and test improved healthcare environments. Other research aims to build a knowledge base for the design of future habitats — new cities — for the aging Baby Boom generation.

    Far Above offers an unprecedented opportunity for donors to help elevate and enrich academic excellence in the School of Architecture, Design and Planning, and to enhance a powerful resource for highly qualified practitioners and researchers who will benefit citizens in Kansas and beyond for many generations to come. Thank you for partnering with us to realize this vision.

    School of Architecture, Design & Planning

    For nearly 20 years, Studio 804 has been an international leader in architectural education, expanding our students’ understanding of sustainable building technologies, construction methods and material usage.

    Our Industrial Design students find a wide variety of career opportunities, including product design, furniture design, exhibit design, package design, human factors, design research and product planning.

    The Visual Communication program emphasizes innovative use of typography in design, as in this course using letterpress typography. Visual Communications students are trained to analyze communication problems and develop creative visual solutions related to the community, society, industry, commerce and advertising.