Instructions for Giving Securities Held by a Bank or Broker

The most common method of delivery of marketable securities is an electronic transfer through Depository Trust Company. 

Any DTC-eligible securities can be transferred electronically to the Kansas University Endowment Association, Federal tax I.D. #48-0547734, through State Street Bank, custodian of KU Endowment’s assets:

State Street Bank and Trust Company
DTC participant Number: 997
Account Number: 4U1M (the number 1 not the letter L)
KU Endowment — General Custody

Custodian Contact: Chris Vokolek 816-871-8628

It is important that you notify KU Endowment before making a gift of DTC-eligible securities. Without this notice, your gift may be transferred to KU Endowment without our knowledge of your identity. This makes it difficult to provide you with proper credit and timely acknowledgement for your gift.

These directions can also be downloaded and provided directly to your bank or broker.


Stacy Nuss

Vice President, Investments and Assistant Treasurer 785-832-7419