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Important: Loan application information for the 2016-17 academic year:
  • New application feature for Study abroad and Bar Exam loans beginning Spring 2017:  if you are applying for a loan to cover a study abroad program or expenses for the Bar Exam you no longer need to contact the loan office for approval before applying; a checkbox is provided on your application to indicate if your loan is to cover either of these expenses.  Please check the appropriate checkbox when completing your loan application.
  • Spring 2017: Applications for the Spring semester will be accepted until May 5, 2017.
  • Summer 2017: Applications for the Summer semester will be accepted beginning April, 1, 2017.
  • Full-academic-year loan disbursement dates are approximately August 20 and January 15, as determined by Financial Aid & Scholarships.
  • Please refer to loan limits for eligibility.
  • Health Professions and Medical student loan applications for the fall will be accepted July 1, but disbursements will coincide with your financial aid disbursements.
  • Students may receive their loan disbursement by either
    • EFT deposit to your personal check/savings account, or
    • electronic deposit to your KU student account.
      • if a past due balance exists, the loan disbursement will default to electronic deposit to the student's KU account.

What to Expect

The application process for the KU Endowment Loan program is completed online.

After the online loan application has been completed, students should allow three to five days for the approval process to be completed. CampusDoor supports the KU Endowment web-based loan application process. During the application review phase, you may be in contact with a CampusDoor customer service representative. After CampusDoor has reviewed and confirmed that your application is complete and has authenticated identifications of you and your co-signer, the KU Endowment loan office and KU’s Financial Aid Office will complete the approval process. Communications regarding the status of your application, or requests for additional documentation, will be sent to you via email. After your loan has been approved, you and your co-signer will each receive an email including instructions for accessing and signing your loan documents. Both students and co-signers have the option to request a paper version of the electronic documents for signature if preferred. Loan processing time is approximately 8 to 10 days from application submission to disbursement of funds.

Students have two options for the method of disbursement — electronic payment to the KU student account or direct deposit into a checking or savings account.

A loan origination fee of 2 percent of the loan amount is added to the loan balance. This fee helps to cover the cost to administer this program.

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What is CampusDoor?

CampusDoor provides system support of loan originations for educational student loans.

CampusDoor supports the KU Endowment web-based loan application process. Loan applicants may be in contact with a CampusDoor customer service representative during the application review phase, and applicants and loan recipients may contact CampusDoor at (855) 210-8175.  

KU Endowment loan staff are also available to assist students and co-signers throughout the application process.  For assistance, please contact the KU Endowment Loan Office.